spotify "daily mixes"

mine have gone a bit weird. i usually have 6 generated but i’ve noticed that bands i have never expressed any interest in have started appearing in certain ones. today INXS and peter gabriel are in one alongside my faves deerhunter and exploded view. no matter how much i thumbs down the dead tunes these bands keep reappearing. i have never searched for these acts and i can only assume this is because i added a U2 track to my library about a year ago? got rid of the U2 one but they’re still there.

also the playlists themselves are starting to repeat after 10 or 11 tracks. particular autechre/aphex/etc tracks keep popping up every sixth or seventh tune in the more electronica-oriented daily mix. what’s going on like, usually they changed quite fluidly and there was always a nice balance between stuff in yr library and stuff you were yet to discover.