Spotify Family / Free Google Home Mini

Hey folks,

Just got passed this at work, wasn’t sure where to put it as most of the Spotify threads we have seem to be bashing it rather than normal chat. If anyone already has a family account for Spotify, seems you can get a free Google Home Mini. Seems to be legit…


It seems to have gone through for me. Thanks for the heads up!

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You’re welcome! Same here. Guess we’ll see what turns up…

A Californian spy, from the sounds of it!


Seems to have worked for me. Hero

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Ooft been looking to get a speaker for the kitchen, this is perfect! Thanks @TVDenimChap!


Also done, thanks.

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what is spotify family

Not working for me annoyingly. :-1:

I get Spotify through my phone contract, so this doesn’t work for me :sob:

I think you get up to 6 accounts on one plan for £14.99, so can be much cheaper than separate accounts, but you’ve all got to be registered at the same address.



no google speakers for me then

Here have a cough sweet, and a spotify premium account :wink:

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Have you got a family account? My brother tried and couldn’t do it, but he’s only got a sub account on the family plan which apparently are ineligible.

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Ah, you’re right. My wife is the account holder. Who obviously doesn’t know her password. Or what email address she registered with.

Didn’t want one anyway.

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This is brilliant! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did everyone go charcoal?


I have this in the bedroom, and it’s great.

Charcoal all the way!