Spotify/General music streaming thread

I think I’m going to cancel my subscription this month.

You can still listen to stuff with adverts on free these days right?

I don’t think it plays albums in order or something, which is more annoying than the adverts I think


It works fine for me but I don’t use it that often.

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Only on mobile, on desktop it plays them in order


really? sweet! Even better

The ads drove me up the wall and definitely did their job convincing me to get premium. I remember once at lunch time I was told to buy Subway about 15 times in half an hour.

If you’re actually at your computer, you can click on a track before the playing one finishes and avoid the advert. I mainly use it for listening to individual tracks. I’ve got about 30 years of buying cds, records and downloads - I don’t feel the need to pay for a subscription service when I’ve got so much music that I actually own that I can listen to.

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Agreed, but bit harder for us that have moved overseas/ want to listen at work

No one here got a famioy pass they ca throw bammers onto, just remember to adopt him first to make sure its all above board :wink:

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ah that’s very kind but it’s ok I tend to listen to podcasts more than music these days anyway :slight_smile:

The new Spotify Premium library set up is hot garbage. One of the worst redesigns of many terrible app redesigns.


I can hook you up. Msg your email to me and I’ll add you

They just haven’t worked it out have they. I don’t want a ‘favourites’ playlist of 4000 songs

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Thanks a lot but it’s ok, wouldn’t feel right. I’ve more or less switched from music to podcasts now anyway. Thanks all the same :slight_smile:

It is atrocious. also when i’m using it offline and pause a song it keeps restarting the album when i go back to it. What are they doing

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I don’t remember downloading an update and now the UI is all fucky?

I noticed my desktop had updated this morning. Noticed that “home” and a couple of other options are now in a pinned window, which is annoying as of means the playlists bit is now like 40% smaller.

(Especially as I use playlists to manage an album collection, rather than the albums function - which has always been absolute shit compared to iTunes).

What else have they changed?


This is a complete nightmare. Completely geared towards having you listen to bloody playlists. can’t filter by downloaded albums anymore. Dumb

No you can. Still dumb taking away the nice recently listened tab