Spotify/General music streaming thread

And the reason I say its a shame the market leader pays so little per stream is because its clear that revenue for artists is very low in terms of priority for selling points which tells me that the industry is very unlikely to change

I didn’t move anything over, I just uploaded my complete itunes catologue, including all my MP3s, on to Apple Music. Wasn’t any hassle at all literally just ticked a box and the whole process ran without my input.

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it’s behaving okay with my bluetooth headphones but is going absolutely mental if i try and chromecast it

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Glad it’s not just me (although, sorry it’s happening to you)… Spotify Connect stuff still going crazy!

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this is exactly why I like Apple Music the best - the integration between my own collection, which is full of bootlegs, vinyl rips and other bits not generally available on these services, and anything I choose to stream is so smooth, it’s basically invisible.


The web player is absolutely fucked for me. Ok ok mobile with Bluetooth


I don’t want to still see songs I’ve deleted (the ones with + next to them) when accessing an album from my library
is this just an issue with the webplayer?

nevermind, just seen this at the bottom

Any opinions on YouTube Music Premium and how it compares with Spotify in terms of not ripping off artists, selection, ease of use, playlists, audio quality?

After getting an e-mail from Spotify saying my price is going up by 13% on the same day I hear the owner is trying to buy Arsenal I got a little annoyed.

Plus, I’d like to watch YouTube videos without adverts, so I can kill two birds with one (streaming) stone.

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Without exaggeration it’s one of the worst bits of software/platforms I’ve ever used for anything

Unless it’s seriously improved in the last year or so and pays the artists in gold bars I wouldn’t go near it


Apple Music is great, wished I’d started using it 5 years ago. You can add files to it and they sync to your other devices, I’m sure I don’t pay any extra for that privilege

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YouTube Music is utter fucking garbage, a waste of your time, and the worst thing Google has ever put to it’s name, and I include in that Google Glass.

It fucks with your library, fucks with your normal YouTube watching, and frankly can ram it when they play videos for some reason when listening to music.

For me, Apple Music is the best, and works incredibly well on Android, my MacBook, and on Windows 10 through the browser.


Prime music
Apple music

3 reasons to avoid youtubemusic and they all pay significantly more than spotify… Still not enough but still

How was it so had at searching for stuff that I knew was on there because I’d LISTENED TO IT BEFORE ON THAT SERVICE?

It’s GOOGLE. Of all the things to fuck up…

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Fucking hell the new Spotify desktop update is so bad. And why do I obviously need to know the play counts for every individual song in every album now? Seems like a really bad move for the artists, particularly smaller ones who struggle outside of Bandcamp.

Spotify truly seems to hate the musicians that do the labour for its platform, don’t they.


literally a clown company


‘we’re just making this with no plans to use it, honest’


You guys know you’re not contractually obliged to give them your membership right?

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You can’t rock out when you’re under constant corporate surveillance

This tickled me :smiley:

but yeah, what a shit idea.

Literally no reason to use any other service though, is there. Literally no reason.