Spotify grief - offline albums keep deleting

Was Google Play no good then? Just curious before I do anything.

Google Play was really good, the only reason I swapped back to Spotify was because I get an NUS discount.

Spotify Music just allow Premium offline listening or keeping. However, I think your offline music will keep deleting out of the reason that you there are no space of internal storage. In other words, you need to have some music stored on external SD cards for keeping your offline albums. However, if you are premium, you can change the storage location easily, but if you are free member, maybe you need to suck it up.

“hey, if you’re having problems with Spotify, just steal the music instead!”

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Hey, the tool is legal and I am just use this tool to listen to Spotify Music for personal usage, I think it is OK. Maybe go to subscribe as Premium member so that you can get rid of this problem.

Legal or not, it’s morally dubious.

Out of the Reason - That You, There! Are No Space.mp3

Rather annoyingly, the downloads section of the main menu on the Spotify app has disappeared on the latest update. Must be a mistake.

Had this same problem, tried everything, Spotify cares couldn’t help.

Only work around I found is to save albums as playlists and download them, playlists never got deleted as offline.

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Well, Spotify have a history of getting rid of functionality for no apparent reason.

My downloads getting deleted and was one of the main reasons I switched to Apple. It happened on internal and SD storage and also across two different phones. The closest people seem to have got to a proper answer is that it’s related to your registered devices somehow. You’re allowed three and it looks like phones are being duplicated with the ‘old’ one which had the downloads being replaced. This probably wouldn’t explain why playlists are fine though, so fuck knows.

This has been my solution. I have one mega playlist called offline albums

yeah i have every offline album as a playlist. could never get the albums to integrate into spotify itself. think my tagging or something was different