Spotify is loads better than vinyl

Yesterday I listened to a playlist called “Le Guess Who?–Infectious Grooves Compilation” for three hours whilst I was working, and came across a few new artists I wanted to check out. Didn’t have to get up to change anything. Try doing that with a vinyl, cunts.


Fully agreed. Nailed this one, Jordo.


Insightful, to the point, makes you think.

Tip tier Dis right here people.

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Sad but true. Everything as you need it, no need to get up and change it over, no dropping anything or getting it scratched. The ‘warmth’ people talk about makes a great deal of records worse too, and really only adds a lot to people who can afford lovely soundsystems. Vinyl records are undoubtedly a nice thing to have, you get the artwork and they smell and look nice (and sometimes sound warm) but that’s as far as they go really, they’re commodified to the extreme.


Funko Pops for indie bedwetters


Enjoy your cold sounding music.


Not for me it isn’t. If you had said your personal digital music library is better than vinyl. Probably agree.

I love the sq of vinyl and get the benefits of double LPs but sometimes I just want to sit on my couch and listen to music without having to flip the record three times. Am I alone on this?

I really, really wish the new Flying Lotus was a single LP. It’s 38 minutes long and a double LP. That’s less than 10 minutes per side. I can’t comfortably listen to that on vinyl.


you dont have to buy an anti-static gun either

I’ve got one of them and I feel like I’m in Battlestar Galactica every time i use it. I don’t use it much though, because it has no discernible effect on the amount of static on records.

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Simply taking music from soulseek is the best


Absolute fail of a playlist. Imagine calling your list that and not featuring these legends?


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Ha, that’s nothing. The Levon Vincent album from a few years ago, 11 tracks long, a quadruple album. The final side has so little music on it that you can clearly see the individual grooves


Without soulseek I’d never have heard this banger


god, whatever happened to orson

I totally understand the appeal of vinyl, but from a sound quality perspective, I don’t get it. As someone who sold hifi and had access to six figure systems with turntables, I simply haven’t heard enough good vinyl to feel the need to invest. For every great sounding LP I listened to, I had several modern CD recordings that were of equal quality. I personally found 2 channel DVD-Audio and SACDs to consistently sound better. Also, how come no one mentions that the stereo separation of a cartridge is like 30db?


Where I live people speak of little else


I like that people can derive enjoyment from vinyl, I’m just not one of those people. For example, I had a Mac LC III when I was a kid and recently was drawn to seek one out, fix it up and use one again. I enjoyed the nostalgia of using it for a couple of weeks, playing some games, doing some upgrades I always wanted to do, thinking of the history behind the machine, where it had been and laughing at the book someone had written and left on the HDD. But I got to the point where I remembered all the things that frustrated me about it, all it’s limitations. The purchase really was just a gimmick and going forward I haven’t touched it since. I love how far technology has come and it just gave me an appreciation of how good things have gotten and how much closer it gets me to the things I actually want to do.

Mercifully he’s embraced bandcamp a little more recently.