Spotify isn’t working

On my iPhone

it’s working on my COMPUTER

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Mine either

for musicians


it’s working on my shitey nokia

Fucked it

Its working for me. Listening to Emperor

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was thinking ‘wow that’s a really unflattering photo of mr book’

then i opened the link



Oh well

Mine is working fine, but I was thinking of turning it off and watching the cricket for a bit anyway. If anyone would like to come to my flat and listen to stuff on my phone, do let me know. Cheers!

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Literally no reason to use anything other than Spotify though, is there. Literally no reason.

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spotify isnt working

Sent from my iPhone

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Not working on phone or computer for me, both say I’m offline when I am not.

Thankfully am in a free trial period on amazon music and streaming Joanna Newsom so its not all bad.

Its working but it keeps defaulting to shuffle. Well annoyong

Ah I thought I’d done something wrong!

Can’t get it to work at all

My partner’s is working but only on shuffle

Mine’s totally fine. Are you lot updating all the time or something

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Google the other day, Spotify today. The hackers are having a good week, eh?