Spotify isn’t working

I never update!

I’m listening to the payback by James Brown. I really love it
The perfect song in many ways

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I have no idea how the drummer just keeps that perfect beat throughout, so disciplined. all i want to do is fills fills fills when I’m finger drumming to it.
@ can’t remember who it is that’s in that big drum band

Been using it all morning with no problems… on iPad

I got a mail from Musicbrainz today (they’re the big composer, copyright, production credit database that radio stations & PRS/MCPS and other royalty collectors use). They had a big database breach and apparently my private personal details ’were seen’ in the breach

So it seems maybe there was some zero day vulnerability that got out and has been used in various places or hit various sites

Mine’s working fine now

James Brown had 2 drummers in his band: Clyde Stubblefield, and John “Jabo” Starks


thank you.
who was the most disciplined? or did they simply pool their discipline?

Jabo played the Makelele role, Clyde was more of a Lampard.


TBH I couldn’t say, what I know is that James was EXTREMELY demanding with them he did fire some band members for a few mistakes in a live show…you could imagine how much these guys were careful to their playing.

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My Spotify stopped working when I did the last Windows update. I kept restarting and eventually got it to open in Windows XP mode or something but I got sick of faffing about with that.

I tried reinstalling Spotify and now it won’t reinstall.

Can anyone help?

Literally no reason

Spotify is being fucking shit on Webplayer on Chrome atm

Literally no reason to use any other streaming service though

you’re right!


The fuck is webplayer

When you use it on a desktop

Anyone having a problem with desktop where they’ve taken the back buttons out?