Spotify making up fake bands to pad out playlists

Welcome to the future!

It’s like TK Maxx making up fake designers

spotify are proper twats, aren’t they?

it’s the next logical (evil) step for them isn’t it

Just like Netflix creating their own content (which I am fine with cos it’s different somehow, as long as they keep having non-Netflix stuff too) - Spotify commission their own at rates that suit them

Can you have fake artists writing fake music?

(This sounds like an undergrad philosophy exam question)

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Do you use spotify?

  • Yes, I do
  • No, I don’t because I would like music to continue to exist in the future

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I’ve experimented with it (both free version and free trials of the premium version) - but putting aside all the moral objections I just can’t get on with it really

I can’t even cope with MP3s anymore beyond putting my phone on shuffle for bike rides or at work - and the amount of admin required just to make that happen drives me to despair sometimes

The best thing is it just shows how easy it must be to make passable ambient music.


Fake music. Sad!

I buy music. I use Spotify to make playlists for my car and to listen to music at work.

But I still buy music.

I use a non-unionised Mexican Spotify equivalent (the Google one) and pay for whatever Falco makes.


Given up with Spotify, I just stick this on at work. sl0wLy g0iNg 1n5@Ne!!!

I do, but mainly to check out bands and then buy them on cd or from bandcamp.

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I use a different streaming service. Are you saying Spotify are the bad guys, or all music streaming services?

spotify are by far the worst


I pay for Spotify. Then I sporadically buy piles of albums from my local record shop which I then am never arsed to play but continue to listen to on Spotify. Unless it’s not on Spotify, in which case I get really pissy about missing download codes.

Am I the problem or the solution?

Actually might try and buy some fake music this weekend.


stopped buying music around 2008 because I couldn’t really afford it anymore. I still buy music from artists I want to support and see make more music, but Spotify has stopped me pirating everything else.

Love that one of them’s called Enno Aare. It’s like something I’d type into Spotify’s search box when I’m pissed and trying to stick on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.


can fake musicians have proper haircuts?

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