Spotify now funding AI Military Defence Systems

Beautiful things. Just a stunning invention.


Get this so much with YouTube, watch any kind of news content and the feed is immediately filled with alt right bile.

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Yeah - I had a few other brands before getting an iPod and the difference in aesthetics, battery life, size, interface, just general quality was so vast.

I love my old iPod, I found it a couple of months ago and it still works! It’s an 80gb one from 2006! I need to get around to actually uploading some more stuff to it.

Lot of exclamation marks there, I guess I’m excited about it

YouTube is the absolute worst for this. I mostly use it for listening to rips of disco records that aren’t on Spotify. All my recommendations are stuff like “watch Joe Rogan DESTROY these two feminists” and, for some reason, that kid auditioning to be in ET.


Yeah and someone is paying for all this right wing content to get promoted. Just really depressing tbh.

Are you logged in, out of interest?

I use YouTube quite a lot and find the recommendations either pretty spot on or fairly harmless. At the moment it’s a lot of stuff either by people I recognise or stuff like this

But I wonder if you’re not logged in it just recommends you the toxic shit that gets a lot of clicks overall?


They still go for decent money on eBay if you don’t use them anymore. Sold my 160gb one for over £100 I think…

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That’s good to know - I’m not totally sure what to do with them. If I’m being brutally honest I don’t actually have any practical use for them, but also the nostalgia is strong…

8.3M views for the word ‘no’


There’s a diagnostic test you can do on them (that all potential buyers seem to ask for). I think there’s quite a few people who refurbish them and sell on. Now phones are catching up with them in terms of storage they seem a bit redundant (for me).

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Spotify massively convenient, but could probably live without. Cheap NAS drive and all your MP3s is a decent substitute IMO.

Yeah, that’s a little out of date. You need to add AEG/ASM/AXS, Live Nation/Ticketmaster & all the venues, festivals & sports they own, plus all the digital platforms they collect data with.

Also, Warner are owned by AT&T now …so they’re basically the entertainment division of the NSA


Thanks for letting us know about this.

Unfortunately looks like there’s no way to delete your Spotify account which is kind of crazy.

Hopefully Disintegration State can pull my music from there in the near future.

I never log in, which is probably part of the issue. Found the suggestions to be just as wide of the mark when I did log in though (there’s an awful lot of Fortnite-based content isn’t there… ).

All these people excited about finding their old ipods are going to shit the bed when they realise their iphones can play music too and have (probably) more storage than their old 00s devices!

edit to add a big


My Android phone is too old and shitty to do anything with any sort of reliability, and has literally no storage space. Works as a phone though!

Plus I really like the iPod as a thing. I like how it’s a sort of weird monolith that does one thing, and does it well. When I found it, I felt like an archaeologist uncovering a weird artefact!

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You might be able to upgrade those now, think there was a point the price of an ipod classic was higher than they were originally.

Haven’t a clue how much it costs but, it has become a thing to put in a 1tb ssd and upgrade them. Not a clue how hard it is mind. Been wondering for a few years if it would be worth buying a pre done on ebay

For example

Don’t get me wrong - I’ve been one of those wankers who’s DJed off a pair of iPods in my time, and have a couple sitting in a box at home. But my phone is far more reliable and convenient as a music playing device most of the time these days

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I think I would dig out my old ipod just so I can use actual headphones again.

Really want to give up spotify but my parents have begun using it, and if I stop my family subscription they’ll be annoyed. urgh.