Spotify Playlists Organisation

Talk to me about yours, you massive nerd.

Folder with 30 albums in it. This is the bulk of what I listen to, rotate 15 (keeping 3) every second week

Also have a folder for stuff I really like that I’ve bought on vinyl, and a folder within that for stuff I want to buy

Year folder → monthly folders → albums from that month

Have been doing these since 2014.

Also have an A-Z folders with individual artist folders within those, but it hasn’t been updated for ages.


Here’s how I’ve got mine:

  • Current & Weekly
    ----- 2019 Albums
    ----- 2019 Bangers
    ----- Discover Weekly
    ----- Throwback Thursday
    ----- Release Radar
    ----- New Music Friday: Popjustic
    ----- Assorted Tracks (this is the dumping ground where I plop tracks that I love but don’t know where to put them. The idea was to explore the artists further but this hasn’t happened, and the playlist is now 400+ songs big and I do NOT know what to do, and this is my primary reason for starting this thread

  • Playlists for others
    ----- Loads of playlists that I’ve made for other people that they probably never listen to

  • Geographical
    ----- French Pop
    ----- K Pop
    ----- Latin Beats (needs padding out)
    ----- Bossa Nova
    ----- Spanish Guitar
    ----- UK Garage
    ----- Portuguese/Brazilian Jazz
    ----- Italian

  • Artists
    ----- A playlist for every artist that means something to me, with all the duff tracks removed

  • Genres
    ----- 80s/90s Dance
    ----- 90s Pop
    ----- 90s/00s Dance
    ----- Ambient
    ----- BNGRS
    ----- Chilled
    ----- Classical (with many sub-folders)
    ----- Comedy
    ----- Covers
    ----- Funk & Mowtown
    ----- Halloween
    ----- Hip-Hop
    ----- House
    ----- Indie
    ----- Jazz
    ----- Neo Soul
    ----- Old Shit
    ----- Party
    ----- Pre 70s Pop
    ----- Psychedlia
    ----- R&B
    ----- Remixes
    ----- Soul
    ----- Weird Shit
    ----- Workout

  • Moods
    ----- Christmas
    ----- Dawn
    ----- Snow
    ----- Night
    ----- Rain
    ----- Summer
    ----- Summer Albums
    ----- Shagging

  • Soundtracks

That’s pretty much it, I’ve very bored at work.

I reckon a job offering organisation of people’s spotify accounts would be a very nice job indeed, could do it all day


If I listened to albums any more (or had the attention span to) I’d do this, but that ship has long sailed.

wait, you can do subfolders?


Mine is just a hideous mess

give me a tenner i’ll sort it


I’m just gonna copy your above post, but for free. Cheers.

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aw fuck

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I used to put all new music including albums into one big playlist each year, then a separate one for ‘sticky songs’ i.e. my faves. Usually listen to the songs one and get freaked out by how massive the albums one is.

So this year I’m trying a new approach: saving new albums and singles, listening to them, and deleting them out of my library. Feel like I have a better grasp of everything this way. I like your system tho @Scunner!

Other folders I’ve got:

Party times
Moods (Though these playlists are really short and haven’t been updated since about 2015. I still listen to them often though)
Other people’s playlists

that’s about it. everything else is just one big list

this is stressing me out

might change ‘assorted tracks’ to ‘sticky songs’ though, I like that

Got a folder for the current year I bung any albums I wanna hear into with a ‘faves’ subfolder. Then there’s my ‘current rotation’ folder - 10 albums max - which I tend to forget about tbh. I’ve got a ‘Now’ playlist of 50 tracks I’ve been enjoying a lot lately and a best of the year playlist. Then there’s a big folder of band best ofs/genre based mixes/random mixes from over the years. Then I ignore all of that and just listen to shite at random 80% of the time.

oh right you need the desktop app

I don’t really bother with Spotify anymore as a means of using it as an organised library of music.

Too many things disappear. It’s irritating.

I would love to do this. And being bored at work is the only reason I organized my playlists in the first place, Spent hours on it!.. only to reorganize them a few years later when I moved countries/spotifys

Didn’t know you could add folders.

Fucking hell I feel stupid. Thanks a lot, thread.

Also thanks I’m going to use folders now.


This. So much this.

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Ditto - that’s my evening sorted!

Mine was otherwise a bit of a mess - I would have various things ‘saved’ on my phone in an albums list and download for offline listening a few of those at any one time. Increasingly though the stuff I listen to online I don’t save or organise and so I don’t really have any record of what I’ve been going through, which is a shame. Keep meaning to try and organise things but it’s never exactly high on the priority list - maybe one day!

This reminds me of when Alan Partridge is detailing his schedule for watching the bond films to Sonia and she says it’s a brilliant schedule. I need to adopt this sort of playlist strategy.


one big playlist where every good song goes. Don’t really like playlists much anymore