Spotify Playlists Organisation

I save new releases under ‘Albums’ in ‘Your Library’

and then move them into this years playlist at the end of the month.

  • 2019
    -------- Albums
    -------- Tracks

  • DiS Listening Clubs
    -------- Electronic/IDM/Ambient/Drone 2018
    -------- Electronic/IDM/Ambient/Drone 2019
    -------- HipHop 2018
    -------- HipHop 2019

  • Back Catalogues (Artists/bands I’m digging into a little deeper. 44 at present)

  • 1001 (Doing a really bad job of going through the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die book)

  • Studio Playlists (Collection of 10-12 track length playlists. New, old, randoms)

  • Collection (This needs a better name. Favorites, important records to me etc. 100 plus playlists)

Then we get into genres…

  • PSNNCAMCD (Post Something Noises Neo Classical Ambient Modern Composition Drone - all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff - 224 playlists)

  • Bleep (Electronic stuff)
    -------- Long List
    -------- Brainfeeder

  • Jazz etc
    -------- Dub
    -------- Jazz
    -------- Afro-Beat
    -------- New R&B
    -------- Dap Tones
    -------- Funk Comps
    -------- Jacksons
    -------- Disco Funk Vibes
    -------- Old School Soul

  • Hip Hop

  • Synth

  • Alt/Folky/Banjos\Blues/etc (This one is in a real mess)

  • RocknRoll (Not much in here other than a Richard Hawley made playlist)

  • PROG
    -------- Progging ( 80 of the finest prog albums)
    -------- List of Prog (A friends playlist)
    -------- Genesis (YES!)

  • Heavy
    -------- Psych Vibes
    -------- Metal
    -------- Ryan Adams Festive Playlist (UGH I’ll be deleting this one)

  • BRASS (Brass band related things)

  • Space Race (Space related collection)

  • Yearly Lists (2010-2018)

  • Artist Lists
    -------- Talk Talk Hollis
    -------- FRabbit
    -------- Field Musics
    -------- Black Keyed
    -------- Elbow Setlist
    -------- Radiohead Setlist
    -------- Anais Mitchell 12 Song Starter Kit

  • Sound Tracks
    -------- GLOW
    -------- Luke Cage
    -------- THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD
    -------- Tarantino
    -------- Girl From the North Country
    -------- STRANGER THINGS
    -------- Peaky Blinders

  • Weekly/Monthly Playlists (2009-2013)

  • A Collection of Mix ( Mixes for occasions or mixes by others)
    -------- Camping
    -------- Football
    -------- Christmas
    -------- 90s Indie
    -------- Drawing Music
    -------- Weddings
    -------- Shoegazey
    -------- Indie Club 89-95
    -------- Radiohead Office Charts

Nerdy AF. I love it.


I think that’s a compliment :wink:

I dunno, I just found that with access to essentially everything, I listened to everything twice. I needed some way to order thing.

You are my new hero.

Definitely a compliment. My Spotify is a mess. I should just delete everything, start again and mirror what you do.


would you be willing to share your Brass playlist?

Sure… It ain’t very exciting. I just chucked a couple of albums in a folder and never really followed through with developing it. But it is going in two ways; American stuff like Youngblood Brass Band and High & Mighty Brass Band. And a British side with bands like Hackney Colliery Band and albums by Briitish Sea Power and The Unthanks, who worked with more tradition brass bands.

A quick question that I pretty much already know the answer to…but is there any way of organising the way you “view” your playlists i.e. view all albums (or artists) in a grid view, so that it’s easier to see everything that’s listed (basically in the way you can do in iTunes)?

Used to organise all my album-based playlists like this, and it was a great way of collecting things I wanted to listen to, and it’s much more fiddly on Spotify :confused:

Cannot compare to this scale of this at all…but I do have folders for years, artists, genres and “Situations”. My favourites always used to be my yearly album ones, would have “example year” 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc etc. Used to love looking at those in iTunes grid view (hence the above post) and thinking about how the album art all complimented each other :nerd_face:

only listen to albums really apart from my ‘misc junk’ playlist which has novelty singles and shit in

edit: oh and i add new albums to ones like ‘2019 albums’ etc

never ever ever call Ms Torrini junk EVER again

I like her a lot. It’s just odd tracks I like that don’t really belong elsewhere. Didn’t think much of that album but loved that track.