Spotify Release Radar

In theory: Great idea.
In practice: Live versions, demos from a deluxe reissue, covers, songs from someone with the same name as an artist you like and remixes in styles that ruin the original.

It’s own thread? Probably not. But every time I play it through I end up turning it off in rage three songs in.

Just me?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Well there’s a bit of that but it’s not as bad as you make it out
  • Not on Spotifybook
  • Don’t know it well enough to notice

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Mine has been pushing the album by Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard at me.
Two of the worst song writers in the world. I’ve been taking it as a personal insult.
The blocking I do had no effect. :sob:

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A load of singles, a load of songs featuring an artist I like as like the eighth billed artist and about three releases that are of relevance

I rarely play it front to back but I check it every week for new releases by acts I’ve listened to in the past, it’s useful for that and I usually chuck it on shuffle once or twice during the week and liberally skip stuff.


I think this Metallica covers album tipped me over the edge.


didn’t know about this part of spotify. the discover weekly i like

Mine’s not too bad - quite a few artists I love, some I quite like, a couple I’m not arsed about and only a one or two I dislike. Also 2 artists I don’t know at all.

Right now my release radar has:

St Vincent
Still Corners
LA Witch
WH Lung
Squirrel Flower
Snail Mail
Marissa Nadler
Nick Cave
Pillow Queens
The Beths
My Morning Jacket
La Femme
Sei Still
Sharon Van Etten
North Americans
North Mississippi Allstars
Kevin Morby
Nashville Ambient Ensemble
Natalie Jane Hill (??)
Vanishing Twin
Low Hummer
Cyril Mokaiesh (???)
Wye Oak
Big Thief (meh)
Peter Broderick

I stopped looking at mine because I don’t listen to advance singles and too often I’d get excited about something new from someone I like only to find it’s a single track.

So I just use the new release threads on here instead.

I have a 2021 playlist and take tracks out of the Spotify release playlist to add to my playlist. Works fine. Will also explore what the track has been released from, if it’s a single or from an album. Anything that’s a b-side or live or whatever doesn’t get added, and yes, there are getting more and more of these, but assuming it’s only because of the summer album release dip.

I hardly ever look at it because mine is always full of

plus stuff I’ve already listened to and songs by artists I checked out but didn’t like.

But I’ve just looked and there are a few thing that aren’t any of the above. I’ll probably make a list and listen to them individually rather than listen to them in a playlist where I’d be skipping 80% of the tracks though.

Mine is generally enjoyable. It does get infiltrated by some artists I’ve listened to a couple of songs by when for example checking out festival line ups. Spotify has really, really misunderstood my relationship with Imagine Dragons, in particular. On the whole, though, it’s new stuff that I like.

Yeah I agree, it’s NOT just you

Yes, what I want is the accuracy of my taste shown by Discover Weekly but confined to new releases.

My release radar just shows me bands that I follow on Spotify, which I’m happy with. Occasionally tracks by other artists, which has one of my artists I follow as a guest artist, but that’s good also.

I then just pay attention to whichever ones are from albums, as I don’t really want to listen to singles on their own any longer, especially if they end up standing out when the album eventually gets released.

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