Spotify Track Popularity Confusion

I come across songs on Spotify which have a number of plays I don’t understand. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to talk about it and speculate rather than research answers. Anyone got any shouts or answers?

I like Serengeti, I really like ‘Family & Friends’ and a few tracks but his back catalogue is a bit impenetrable, he’s released 15 albums on Spotify since 2019 and invovled in a bunch of other side projects. The song ‘Dennehy’ has over 3.5 million plays and I can’t see any other songs with > 600 thousands, is it because he mentions Chicago sports teams?

I think this came up with Pavement in another thread so unfortunately I know the answer without researching so I will have to tap out. :smiley:

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Yeah their most played song is a b-side or demo track from the deluxe edition of Brighten the Corners because of an algorithm

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This definitely a thread I’ll dig out of the graveyard in 6 months when I come across the phenomenon again.


Probably…some kind of software scanned it and dumped it in a playlist which is a lot more popular than the artist i reckon

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Mostly to do with playlist features. A few ambient artists have a track with 3m plays or so and the rest in the tens of thousands

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Spotify have somehow convinced the core of their audience to use curated playlists.

Also in some cases a song is used in a film, advert of TV programme and the Shazamers out there access it in a vacuum.

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I’ve had a similar experience with Serengeti actually. I think a lot of the albums you see released since 2019 are actually older but just got listed as if they were released when Spotify started streaming them. I think Dennehy is his biggest track anyway but playlisting is a huge catalyst.

Love this track.

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