Question. Is the sound significantly better on the paid version?

I don’t mind the ads but quite enjoyed using it today to listen on my PS4.

Worth paying?

I absolutely love it - can’t really imagine life without - and you can change the quality from standard to higher (though not sure how much difference it makes)…

I find standard really flat and lacking in dynamics on anything approaching good audio equipment. 192kbps and 320kbps is quite a jump in scenarios outside of listening on phone speakers bundled ear buds

Thanks both above.

As mentioned the ads don’t bother me and Spotify seems much more usable on a console as opposed to a phone where tracks are randomised in order, etc.

If the sound quality difference is noticeable I reckon it’s worth the plunge. Plus a few years back more obscure material like Crass wasn’t on there but now it seems like the library is almost all-encompassing.

is the bitrate 96 or 160 kbps on free spotify?

i think either way going premium you would hear a noticeable improvement. even more so on decent audio equipment.

it’s a no contract service isn’t it? pay the tenner and see yourself if you notice a difference. sure they’ll even be free trial codes knocking about

If you’ve not paid for it before I think you can get the first 3 months for 99p. Take the trial, if you don’t like it just cancel.

Each take the trial but also make sure you go in the settings and enable high quality as I think it still defaults to standard for some reason (probably to save bandwidth in a sneaky way)

Think the nitrate on free is 96kbps, Unilimited is 160kbps and premium is 320kbps the leap from 160 to 320 is very noticable in most speakers and headphones which aren’t tv, laptops, smartphonespeakets etc. Dedicated speakers and headphones which aren’t cheap and nasty will probably be audible change and this will only get more and more noticable the better the speakers and headphones. So yeah if sound quality is at all a concern you should probably upgrade no matter how good your headphones or speakers are. If you take the trial and dont notice then there is no point

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Thanks for the tip. I never knew this

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sometimes spotify slyly changes my streaming settings from ‘high quality’ back to ‘normal’ or whatever it is. I don’t want to boast but i can usually tell.

Doesn’t exist anymore

Unless it still exists for people who subscribed before they got rid

Definitely don’t think the free version on desktop is anything as low as 96kbps currently

96kbps for mobie devices and 160 for TVs and desktops apparently