Spotify's most played songs ever

Have you heard of The Chainsmokers before?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Seriously, have you just made them up?

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heard of the Chainsmokers but only cause they did that selfie song, had no idea they were an actual thing

never heard Post Malone either

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How many of the top 10 songs would you recognise if they came on the radio?

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  • 1
  • 2
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  • 10

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I have heard of the Chainsmokers but never heard a song by these so called Chainsmokers. Pretty nice how you don’t ever really get irritated by ubiquitous pop songs because you just stream whatever it is you want to listen to.

Ceiling Can’t Hold Us is a bop, I’ll die on that hill if I have to.

Probably one of the nicest things about the 21st century


Oh is this one of those indie points threads. I don’t even listen to the radio but I’ve still heard all these songs.


Shape of You and Despacito for me, Clive. Read an interview with the Chainsmokers once where they banged on about how big their dicks were for a while. Wasn’t inclined to investigate their music.


Every thread on here is an indie points thread.

is the Justin Bieber song the one that goes ‘is it too late to say sorry now’

killers, black eyed peas, gotye and pharrel

never heard the other ones. know who some of them are but couldn’t hum you any of the songs.

Assumed I’d have heard those chainsmokers songs just through ubiquity but apparently not.

Know the rest though. Reckon Post Malone might be the naffest artist of the 21st century

I can tolerate a lot of pop but Post Malone is embarrassingly awful

Feel nothing about this data.

I can’t wait to read all the WHERE’S THE PROPER MUSIC takes from morons on Twitter though.


Furious that Fightmilk didn’t make the list


Nah, that’s Nine Inch Nails, m8.

I don’t listen to any music radio and I’ve not heard any of those songs but don’t want any indie points it’s just the truth, maaaaan :frowning:



Extremely pissed off you made that poll an average rating so no one knows that I would recognise all 10 songs if they came on the radio


Is it cool to pretend not to know them, or to pretend to hate the people who pretned not to know them?

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Despacito and Sorry are the only ones I’ve heard… Though I quite like them both so no indie points, I guess.