Spotted anything lately?

Spotted anything in the last 10-12 days?

For the purposes of clarification I’m not really that interested in things you may have “seen” only things that you’ve “spotted”

Thanks in advance

Not personally but my wife was walking home last night and called me to tell me she’d SPOTTED a pigeon eating a cherry

Can you text her to ask if it was a glacé cherry or a normal one please? (Would also be interested to know what it did with the stone)

Hi Tone,

I have not spotted anything recently (the last 10-12 days) but I’ll be sure to update you if I do in the near future (10-12 days)


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Thank you. Very polite and kindly of you.

Normal cherry. it didn’t eat the stone Tone, it was only just starting to eat the cherry

But I am just the messenger. Don’t shoot me

I wonder if that pigeon was dead happy to be eating a cherry or whether it was like “well, I need some pudding after all that bread but there’s no chocolate or sweets or anything about so I’ll have to eat this cherry”

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I wouldn’t dream of it

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Sometimes the pigeons eat the peanuts (shell and all) in one go when I feed the squirrels. They can’t choke on them or something, and just swallow the whole thing down. Is this content of interest to you?

It’s fine.

I understand that when people put food out for birds they’re usually annoyed about squirrels eating it but squirrels are much better than birds so I like it when you said “I feed the squirrels”

I spotted an iron on the floor of a pub last week, quite a vintage model… Took about five days to realise it was there to keep the pool table baize nice and level.

spotted a police speed camera van on a bridge over the a14 and slowed down


Were you going too quickly in the first place?

Need to speak to my brief before answering

Was it at the baulk end?

Spotted a new Eurostar train for the first time on Saturday.

Spotted a frog in our back garden, minding its own business.

It wasn’t, no. At the triangle end.