Spousal income


should probably be in the descent into fascism thread

what do we all think of this? Pretty indefensible imo
Anyone here affected?


"Highest UK court backs £18,600 threshold but acknowleges (sic) the rule has caused hardship for thousands"
it’s very depressing when the law more or less admits it is now working against its own people


When it was first proposed a few years ago they initially set the limit at £25,000, and me and my then partner would have been affected. We’re not currently, but I’m only a redundancy away from it. It fucking stinks and anyone who thinks Tory Britain is any better than Trump’s America needs to reconsider. Literally one rule for the rich and another for the poor.


Yeah, it’s quite something when the highest court in the land says “Well, it’s pretty gross, but I guess it’s not technically illegal, so…” and the government are happy with that outcome.


When I used to deal with people’s benefit queries, you’d often see on a Jobseekers’ Allowance award letter the wording “this is what the law says you need to live on”. Not sure why the law would say that a couple on benefits needs £114.85pw to live on, but a couple with an overseas spouse needs over £350pw.


it’s a horribly, horribly cruel law

I feel a bit despairingly for the campaigners trying to spin it a little in the last couple of paragraphs there. We all know that the Govt. is gonna do shit all about changing the administrative form of the law in respect to the Supreme Courts comments. They have a victory on the principle, they’ll probably try & find ways to make it more cruel


Stuff like this makes me fucking furious with the state of things. Harder and harder to make a case for Tory voters not being complete scum.


Just watching them talk about this on the Daily Politics - apparently this’ll mostly help the home owning bankers from America who haven’t been able to reunite with their families here. Proud, brave Conservative party.


Also it goes up to about £22,000 and something if you have children
Annnnnnnnnnnd the Labour representative agrees with the principle :neutral_face:



what principle is that ? That human lives are capital & the only useful measure of function & worth in society is income …oh and by the way, this is a completely fair measurement because there is no such thing as income inequality

fuck’s sake, what has happened to the world?


I think the rationale is how much money you’d need to survive without needing access to public funds. Obviously more with a child, so yes reducing human lives to capital. And of course it’s got all sorts of the usual gender and race repercussions. Sickening.


I also don’t understand why it doesn’t take into account the foreign spouses’ income. My wife earns twice as much as me. But if I lost my job and was unable to “support” her, I guess technically she’d be obliged to leave the country?


… which is daft rationale as (a) the threshold for benefit entitlement is wayyy lower and (b) the rules prohibit most* overseas people from accessing public funds anyway.

*I think it’s most. It’s many, at the very least


Yeah, this is the bit I really don’t get in terms of the logic of this ruling. It essentially completely ignores the fact that some of those bloody immigrants might actually be here to work and earn and pay taxes, like all the stats on benefits claimed by ‘immigrants’ support


but as c_c_b says above, it doesn’t even hold to that - it’s totally discriminatory

plus it deepens the whole facile cost/benefit bollocks - what’s wrong with needing access to public funds ?

there’s a searing stripe of cruelty running through all conservative policy that is basically a structural capitalist-fascism and it drives me fucking mad


That’s maybe the worst thing, that the Labour party publicly agree with the idea we should be restricting access to public funds. Our welfare state is history.


not that I want to make this about me - it’s fucked up and vile either way - but did anyone mention whether this would also apply to europeans post-brexit? if so, I doubt I’ll be coming back to England!


Not right now but once Brexit happens they’ll be able to change it to apply to EU citizens too, and obviously will.


Labour seem absolutely petrified to say anything that might even be seen as slightly pro immigration.

Everything’s fucked


yea, I kinda suspected that would be the case. Guess I’ll tell my [future spouse] to change careers so she can make enough money for me to come back to the country I was born in…bye everyone!