Sprained ankles/knees/other joints

I’ve twisted and sprained my knees several times, and now I’ve got a sprained ankle for the first time.

Fellow clumsy people, what are your top tips for treating a sprained ankle or other joint?

Also has anyone here ever twisted/sprained something really weird? Anecdotes welcome.

Have you tried putting it in a bowl of rice?


Of course, what do you take me for!

Dinner, given half the chance. :smirk:


OH YOU!!! /giggles


Here is a picture (from my bruise blog) from the second or third time I twisted my knee (five years ago). The knee got really swollen of course, but also the ligament behind the knee got stretched and so I got this peculiar bruise:

Also sprained my ankle this week, just been keeping it raised and one ice as much as possible

How did you do it?

just ankles playing football mainly. I tend to stand/ jump then not land my foot on the sole but instead on the side and put all my fat weight on my ankle with my foot crushed underneath

find just using it as little as possible helps recover. that and crack for the pain.

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Sprain? Playing football. I was in goal and I was preparing to save a shot when my foot slipped from underneath me and I landed on it with all my weight. For a second I thought I’d done something much worse :flushed:

Or, what @bluto said

Ouch! At least you and @bluto have done it while doing some physical activity. I was just walking along the street in the middle of the day, talking to someone else and not paying attention to where I was walking, and stepped into a massive hole in the pavement. SPRAIN.

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I nearly did exactly that to my other ankle yesterday :sweat_smile:

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Also I’m pretty sure that every time I’ve twisted my knees it’s been from drunken dancing etc. I am an adult

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Sprained both ankles several times over the years playing football (and tore the ligaments in one of them), but not done either since I started wearing a proper strap on them, like this:


basketball induced ankle sprain from a few years ago. have done that ankle about 5 other times playing basketball though.

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Sprained my knee watching Chelsea v Palace today. As I landed after jumping up for a goal my leg locked and I was jumped on from the side but my leg didn’t move. It’s quite tender but hopefully it’ll be fine.

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Seems I’ve got very weak ankles - sprained them multiple times just walking down stairs, stepping off kerbs. Most recently sprained my right ankle stepping off a kerb in Tokyo in January. Then proceeded to hike up a mountain which made it much, much worse. It’s fine now though.

Broke my left ankle 2 years ago and now have a plate and screws in so never sprain that one anymore, could do that?

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It was worth it at the time. But now that I’ve got a bruise behind my right knee, on the back of both calves and the base of my right foot.

All from celebrating a goal.

When I was younger I tore my knee ligaments in my right knee playing football. I’m always been wary about my knee ever since.