SPRENINO - 30th of March

(spring Fenino)


Fenino is where a bunch of bog-dwelling Quentins and Quentinas go round a bunch of very good pubs in Cambridge. Usually, there’s at least one dog. Sometimes, Warhammer Top Trumps gets played.

I am FenINo on:

  • 2nd March
  • 9th March
  • 16th March
  • 23rd March
  • 30th March

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Poor @sadpunk

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Shame. March doesn’t work for me :grimacing:


He’s never going to tile my kitchen now

Included meths, but not sadpunk. Oh dear

Ahm oot, soz!

Mate you can’t just block off an ENTIRE month, not when it has five Saturdays like some kind of magic drinking month.

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Tax avoision in Panama is it? I hear that

I can when my paltry wages have to cover two people’s living costs and a baby’s childcare.

obviously would be well up for this otherwise. and don’t go changing the dates

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1920s new york gangster now is it


Mostly black metalling but probably ought to see the wife at some point too

Maybe end of March tentatively? Might depend on house buying stuff…

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@Raanraals too!!

Right, everyone out, I’ve completely fucked it

Hahaha, nice try. Friends have been trying to shake me for years and it never works.

Have voted. :+1: