Spring 2018 Brexit Thread - Dooooooooomed




Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals

What’s this ‘brexit’ i’ve been hearing about? Hang on, going to have a quick google to see what all the fuss is


oh dear


I think Brexit is

  • good
  • bad

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Not looking great is it


Maybe I just have to resign that the future isn’t made for lefty snowflake terrorist sympathisers like myself who understand the basic message of Frankenstein




That was pretty special.


At first I was worried that post-Brexit Britain was going to be like Mad Max, but then David Davis said it won’t be like that so it’ll probably be fine.


Souped up armoured cars is far too optimistic. It’ll be like the The Road; pushing a shopping trolley round a bleak landscape with a cough that’ll eventually kill you.


The basic message of Frankenstein is

  • Brexit is worrying
  • It was the name of the SCIENTIST!
  • Fuck off Epimer
  • Something else

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It’s actually about obsession.


By Calvin Klein



A bunch of peasants storming a castle with pitchforks and Frankenstein rakes is kind of a metaphor for brexit.


What’s actually fairly interesting* is that Hammond’s the first to respond from the government today and he’s trying to draw a firm line on financial services in a free trade agreement… that’s actually something I could see some kind of deal being done on eventually (not in David Davis’ fantasy timeframes though)

.* - not at all interesting.


Trump, Brexit, Trump, Brexit, Trump Trump Trump


What is going to happen

  • Soft Brexit
  • Hard Brexit
  • No Deal Brexit

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oooooh now we’re leaving DSM, May can shred everyone’s privacy rights too


also remember when everyone laughed about the issues with net neutrality ‘not affecting them’. Good luck Britaiiiinnnnnnn