Spring Mornings - DiS mixtape thread

The nightshift one was dead fun so lets do another one of these.

40-75 minute playlists, can either be on Spotify or another streaming site that everyone can access.
Once you’ve made it please post the link in here along with some cover artwork (can be a found photo if you want). Also welcome to add an introduction.

Everyone’s free to participate, the theme is Spring Mornings.


It’s really short, this photo was taken some spring morning in 2017, have changed one song so the baekhyun feature with soyou isnt there :cherry_blossom:

Also I don’t have spotify, sorry


Stuck it in a youtube playlist here

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Got a playlist done (I think), just working on the cover (can’t decide on a colour for extra details and the title).

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Tried to keep it low-key, with some Scottish instrumental lovelies in the middle. Just a lil 39 morning mixtape to hopefully help with the Spring mornings.


:clap: HALEY :clap: HEYND :clap: ERICKX :clap:


Her screaming “I NEED TO START A GARDEN” is the most spring thing I can imagine.

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Can we do one collaborative Spotify playlist? I have DiS ones for Summer and Autumn. Maybe already a Spring one, do we need another thread.

Here’s one from me. Photo taken in Victoria Park this morning.

Two bonus songs not on Spotify:

Softiques - Two Boys: https://youtu.be/l9tkT4BE3Iw

Teenage Fanclub - Please Stay: https://youtu.be/CHNYedtJPEE


Found this quite hard but didn’t wanna spend too much time on it. mostly pastoral / airy sounding stuff.
cover is a twee thing I drew

will listen to everyone else’s now


Go 4 it

made a collaborative one with 2 randomly selected songs from each one posted, can use that as a starting point


The others are called Drowned in Summer/Autumn, can we call it Drowned in Spring? Sorry for being a pain. I’ll add some tracks later

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@rich-t @Bamnan @Icarus-Smicarus @profk @Severed799 put a fair amount of songs on the other ones.



Ha really? I don’t remember this :sweat_smile:

Dont know any other AL’s that like Unwound

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Sounds like me tbf

Got this on this morning, it’s reet nice.


Ace, gonna put yours and any others on as WFH background music this week!

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Also enjoying this one shrewbie, that seefeel track is gorgeous.

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