Spring Nature Challenge 🐣 🦋 🌼

We’re back!

You know the drill. Find, photograph, post, claim your points! I will update league tables at regular-ish intervals to keep the #competition hot.

Previous rules apply - shop items etc don’t count! Photos don’t need to be great quality as long as something is broadly visible and you’re sure it’s what you’re claiming for. I reserve the right not to award points if I think you’re pushing it though. Photos from before the start of the challenge (25 March) won’t be counted.

You have until 31 May to get your entries in. Good luck

After my epic autumn prize fail, our top three finishers will win an enamel RSPB pin badge (you can pick if you like)!

And here’s our list!

Points Item
5 Cow parsley
10 Bumblebee
15 Cherry blossom
20 Ladybird
25 Tit (any type)
30 Egg shell
35 Catkins
40 Lambs
45 Wild garlic (in flower)
50 Caterpillar
55 Finch (any type)
60 Ducklings
65 Bluebells
70 Hawthorn or Blackthorn (in flower)
75 Frogspawn
80 Swan
85 Wood anemone (in flower)
90 Kissing gate
95 Cowslip
100 Waterfall
110 Vivid rainbow
120 Lesser celandine
130 Crab
140 Bird of prey
150 Red Admiral butterfly
160 Lapwing
170 Fawn
180 Kingfisher
190 Hare
200 Puffin

(Yes, I know the last one is very mean)

  • IN (competitively)
  • IN (casually)
  • Spectator option

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I knew booking a holiday that involved almost guaranteed puffin sightings would pay off


I’m going to Shetland in June when there should be puffins. Does it still count as spring?

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Sorry, forgot to include the deadline. Entries must be in by the end of May unfortunately :pensive:

But enjoy Shetland! Slowly working my way towards convincing my boss to let me move there :smiley:

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Rathlin Island in May for me :slight_smile:


On reflection I feel like I’ve overcompensated for people doing so well last time and made it too difficult.

  • Make it a bit easier
  • Leave it as it is

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My garden is full of lesser celandine right now. If any DiSsers want to come and take a photo I can offer very competitive rates



I really hope someone gets a picture of a hare

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Some pointers

Although I saw running across the front of a petrol station once so :man_shrugging:

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One of my fondest childhood memories is going to Lundy island with my dad to see the puffins


Will keep it as it is then. Good luck!

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Might book a holiday just to see a puffin


Hares round here all the time, reckon I can get a photo although will be a rubbish one on my crappy phone unfortunately


The Farnes are brilliant for it! About an hour north of Newcastle, lovely day out.

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Once I’ve googled what several of these items are…


I also have a great memory of watching a kingfisher flitting around at Flatford Mill, and staying in Willy Lotts Cottage (of Constable fame). That was about 30 years ago though, haven’t seen one since

Well here’s a goldfinch. Lapwing will have to wait until I’m back in the uk.


First points on the board! Going to give you an extra +5 for kicking us off :tada: