spring / summer clothes thread 2020

i had grand plans for the money i’m saving on not going to the boozer, but instead i’ve started buying clothes i don’t need with it

bought these this week: image

bought any new clothes lately? or got your eye on anything?


TBH, I tend to just take a layer off and roll with what’s underneath

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They’ll be out of fashion by the time anyone else sees them.

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This season I will be dressing exclusively in leisure wear


feeling increasingly aggrieved recently at having to change out of joggers when leaving the house

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i’ve only bought them to wear when video-calling my pals, they can’t see i’m naked form the waist down

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It’s barely 10 degrees so, no

Broke my (almost) 2-year run of not buying any new clothes :frowning: god damn you rona

Got this Uniqlo work shirt/jacket

Also this t-shirt (this was supporting a refugee charity so it’s okay)


really like that jacket man!

I like your jacket too!

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It’s called a Shacket!

I will never use that word!


It’s also a verb

“gonna shacket today”

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shacket pals :handshake:

I bought some new Edwin jeans Ed85. Kinda obsessed with them at the moment.

Need to get rid of stuff.

i defected from jeans to chinos last year but my mate swears by Edwin jeans

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Shacket like a Polaroid picture.

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I went through a period of not wearing jeans, and not being able to find any I liked, Nudies always seemed to rip easily. I’m happy to have found Edwin and I’m definitely an advocate.

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It’s not spring or summer, but is this nice?

Can’t decide if I like it or not. Not something I’d normally wear.