spring/summer clothes thread

bought anything good recently? got yr eye on anything?

i’ve just ordered this

Bought some great climbing jeans from Boulderdenim and some plain t-shirts from Rapanui.

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bought another vest/gillet thing - brings my count up to 3 now. really gunning for the ‘most hated dresser on dis’ top spot.

got a black carhartt one that looks a bit like a bullet proof vest. didn’t get he WIP as if was more than twice the price! absurd

anyway looks like this - chuck it over a flannel shirt or a hoody, job’s a good’un


why is the WIP stuff so much more expensive?

i saw and liked this on the universal works instagram last week but then i remembered a) it’s a gilet and b) it’s orange

got some wrangler jeans
planning on doing lots of wrangling this summer


stretchy denim :drooling_face:

ha yeah orange is pretty punchy.

I know that basically some guy in Germany bought the rights to license the Carhartt brand in Europe and decided to make mostly the same stuff but with ‘nicer’ materials - charging more than double for the same item seems crazy though just for a nicer zip or something. whole point in buying Carhartt in the first place is that I want it to be really hardwearing, not ‘luxury’ ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Just got this delivered an hour ago. Very glad that it didn’t show up in the 20% sale that started today. Almost all my dresses are blue so this is a radical change for me.


i have no idea what this is but it does NOT look waterproof

Gf got me this jumper the other day which I really like


I really want this shirt, pretty sure it’s got the hungry caterpillar on it.


I’m at that stage of my life when I want to replace items that have worn/are wearing out with the exact same items but brand new

but they’ve stopped doing them :frowning:
this is very annoying


can confirm it is very waterproof. it’s a sheet of badly fitting plastic

i’m not good at fashion, lately i have started dressing like a teacher tho. cardigans and such.

thought you were talking about see through pnchos when you were talking about those before. i’d wear what she’s wearing

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Got a few new tees. There’s this one:

And this one, which is quite similar, now I look at them

I probably need some new jeans, but that can wait until payday.

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I just need to get caught in a downpour.

i always buy the same jeans, think that’s pretty common though eh?