spring/summer clothes thread

I also don’t suit yellow so wouldn’t personally buy it but made an assumption that it would suit @Slicky (else why would she be considering it?) and voted accordingly

Here is a jumper I’ve just finished, after a long hiatus (i needed to unpick and redo a few rows of the neckline and thought it would be more time consuming than it actually was in the end)


this didn’t suit me so i’ve sent it back, going on holiday in a few weeks so bought a couple of other t-shirts instead

Have taken a punt on this. Fully expecting it to look awful on.


i ordered this the other day too

i also expect it to look shit


That’s much nicer than my piece of shit man! I like colour block stuff but it can get a bit much sometimes.

aye i wouldn’t normally wear anything that bright so i’m fully expecting to hate it when it turns up

Gonna get a ‘Nuke the Whales’ T-shirt if I have passed my exam.


Anyone got any hot spring coat/jacket tips? I’m lacking after leaving my duffle coat on the train last year :cry:

Men of DiS: where do yous be getting all these really nice patterned shirts

what sort of pattern you thinking man?

You know like repeated small patterns of animals and the like, like our boy @Twinkletoes has been sporting very smartly recently


Exactly this.


This was my problem last year :disappointed:

Dreading getting to summer clothes this year, I don’t think much will fit.

My spring clothes fit for this year, but they never fit particularly well to begin with. At least my shorts are ok. Going to be living in them this year

i’ve never knowingly bought clothes from next but you mean this type of thing?


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Having your bottom half sorted is good, I find it much harder to find trousers, shorts, etc. Mostly that is why I have been transitioning more to dresses.


Thinking about getting this, reckon it’ll look a bit daft on someone my size?


nah man i think it’ll look grand, i really like the retro adidas stuff, got this jumper last year


I’m still trying to locate a nice coloured tracksuit top that I can wear as a light jacket.

That’s nice though - as long as the fit is good, you’l be fine.

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