spring/summer clothes thread


Like this? I have an old version of it and wear it all the time in summer.

I am 5’5 and rock a full length and a crop dunga on the regular

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I bought this and it doesn’t fit :cry:


Worth taking it to the tailors or should I just return it?

Do you mean in terms of what’s ‘flattering’ or the length? If a) fuck that. Wear what makes you happy. If b) maybe try getting regular fit dresses in a midi length? I often buy petite maxi dresses and wear them as midis.

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it’s nice! i’ve no experience with getting anything tailored though.

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I do it quite a bit cos of my weird body shape or if I find something vintage that I love but is too big. I’m only hesitating on this because the original dress is pretty pricey (for me anyway. I get most of my clothes off depop or from chazzers these days) cool story bro.

You could view it as you save lots of money buying 2nd hand usually, so it’s OK to spend more occasionally. Or if you’re crafty you could look for a similar but cheaper black dress and add bees yourself!


:heart_eyes: That is beautiful. I’d get it tailored, if you love the dress otherwise and think it’ll be perfect if it fits and it won’t break the bank.

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My name’s Slicky, let me begin my lecture/


Well both, I guess! I want to wear clothes that I feel good in and part of that is them suiting my figure. Doubt I’ll be able to find any short enough though.

That is a pretty awesome dress - if you can get it tailored, you definitely should :+1:

Should I buy this?

Sometimes shirts gape a bit on my boobs but this looks like its structured well…
Would also probably have to get it taken up as it looks the perfect length on the model but she’s no doubt considerably taller than me…

  • Yes
  • No

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