Springtime, Flowers, Plants, Birds, Animals etc.

OK so we all know that Spring in the northern hemisphere begins in just three short days’ time, and those of us in the UK have been experiencing the opposite of what we were experiencing this time last year when it was snowing and everybody thought they were going to die, or at the very least spend the night in their car on a dual carriageway.

Nature itself has also been fooled into thinking it’s not February. Went for a walk in St James’s Park this lunchtime and the daffodils were out and one Egyptian goose chick has managed to make it this far without starving, dying of exposure or being eaten by a seagull.

Sat in my garden with my binos yesterday and saw:

  • Goldfinches
  • Chaffinches (male and female)
  • A nuthatch
  • A greater spotted woodpecker
  • Some great tits
  • Some great blue tits
  • A jay
  • A rather protracted pigeon fight

What nature have you seen in the last few days, that’s worth telling us all about? Tell me about it.

Nature’s great!

[No politics, no cycling, no Simpsons, no knees, no Twitter. Only kidding; they’re all fine except Twitter.]

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Similar to you really, minus the finches. We had some parakeets stop by though.

Oh and i saw heron fight in the park last week, broken up only by us approaching.

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Either there’s a bat in my loft or I was playing Breath of the Wild too loudly in my bedroom yesterday.

Saw a baby popping her head through a fence yesterday

Had a duck in the garden yesterday. The dog got it.

Gamekeeper has for reasons best known to himself got a load more Reeves pheasants after the one which terrorised the entire estate was mauled by a fox.

ooh yeah. forgot the parakeets!

That’s a premium haul!

On my SJP walk one of the herons had caught quite a big fish. I assumed it was just a bit of rubbish someone had thrown at it, but no it was a bona fide dead fish. It took it to the lake, dipped it in the water then knocked it back in one. Never seen one of them do that before.


There’s a load of plant dickheads already popping up in my garden. I’m also sneezing a lot. COINCIDENCE?!?!

Gf tries to get me excited about various birds in the garden, but fucking hell, they’re all either small or fairly small and are some shade of brown. BORING.

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Have you said anything rude about Vladimir Putin recently? Just asking.

Eagerly awaiting the virginia creeper on the house to start flowering (leafing?) after chopping it up a bit over the winter. Really hope I haven’t made a balls of it :confused:

There is a technical birder term for small brown birds. The term is “little brown jobs”.

Which reminds me, I also saw (and heard) a wren yesterday. And I saw some greenfinches near work last week, which was good because they are elusive fuckers.

Only a syllable short of what I was calling them, tbf

ONE ah ah ah ah!

Not seen any, but heard plenty of woodpeckers about.

Pretty sure I heard a nightingale as I walked back from town yesterday too.

Got some Great Tits guarding an area of hedge just outside my living room window - we had Wrens, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, and a Mistlethrush last winter, but they chopped down a lovely Norwegian Maple in November, and now it’s all a bit desolate, so just the Great Tits for now. Quite chirpy little things…

These are amazing. Does she work for a nature magazine or something?
Do u know what camera she uses?