Sprinkle Time

What things do you sprinkle over your food (not including salt & pepper)?

Asian food - you’re looking at sesame seeds (white & black), fried shallots, herbs, peanuts, chilli flakes

Indian food - we’re talking almonds and herbs

Italian - Oh you better believe it’s parmesan

Mexican - chilli flakes, herbs

I think that’s it. Sprinkle time.

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Good input. Maybe a bit of the old Graham Masala on some raita. Maybe.

First thing I thought of. Sorry.

Cereal - Hundreds and Thousands


I wonder if she has ever done anything involving sex.


Coriander. I sprinkle so much chopped coriander on stirfries / curries it looks like a lawn by the time I’m done. Can’t get enough of it. People who are biologically predisposed to think coriander tastes soapy or whatever are truly among god’s most cursed creatures, but at least they leave more coriander for me to eat.


Do you really do that? Be honest, there’s no judgement in a Sprinkle Time thread.

If I had more time and energy I would commit to the lie. I can’t bring myself to today though. I don’t sprinkle hundreds and thousands on my cereal, it was just something I thought it was funny to imagine someone doing.

Well it wasn’t funny, it was shit.

delicious aaaand makes the dish look lovely/ pro too - what a winner

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Cereal – sugar.

edit: Obviously I’m talking Corn Flakes, Shreddies, Weetabix, Special K. Anything else and you’re insane.

Bran Flakes – sultanas. Sultana Bran doesn’t have the ratio right.

The post itself was undeniably shit, I can’t argue with that. Are you claiming that the actual thought of someone sprinkling hundreds and thousands on their cereal is shit though? As in you are picturing a person (probably a businessman) doing it and you are thinking “this is a shit thought to be having” because I will fucking fight you on that.


No restaurant could get away with serving the volume of coriander I do.

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A nice change from Paremesan (and vegan friendly) is to fry up some breadcrumbs in olive oil (maybe with a bit of rosemary) and sprinkle that on pasta for a delicious crunchy topping

There is an italian name for it, but I’ve forgotten it and CBA to look it up

My own shoulders - dandruff

Would it be fair to say you can sprinkle hot sauce? Cos if so

Most things - hot sauce

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This, on everything…

You’re gonna have to do a poll with a picture like the juggling thing again sorry

I don’t think I have the photoshop skills required for this unfortunately. I would be keen to outsource it to somebody else though.