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Huel for people who like texture in their mouth

The future is now :+1:

Was actually going to post a gif of the closing scene, but then thought that might spoiler the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen the 50 year old film…

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Saw this on Facebook or somewhere the other day and assumed it was a joke.


One of those seeds of an idea where someone thought maybe aesthetically it looked quite good from a birdseye view shot, “oh, squares of food, Mondrian esque, quite futuristic!” and then just ran with it and never realised actually it looks absolutely horrendous any other way and is utterly pointless and just reducing food to a pure misery fuel product, like Huel.

I have no problem with this whatsoever aside from the fact that it looks completely disgusting. In the video when you see the person with a square in their hand taking a bite out of this weird, presumably oddly textured mass of reformed chicken or something gives me the heave.

I drink Huel most days.

I’d eat it


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Why do you want to make lunch faster, it’s the best bit of the working day and you need to be able to get food where it’s like “oh no sorry boss, I didn’t think it would take me four hours to eat this baguette”

And your boss is like " there is a war on and the twist is you work for the army what the hell man"

And you’re like “oh shit my bad”


is there any food that isn’t chef cooked?

i guess you can get food cooked by robots

The Therminator T-1000 nuclear grill programme

think i saw them at download

They’re like ska grindcore

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I tried some and it was fine. It’s basically Slim-Fast with tech-bro friendly packaging.