Anyone made a website with Squarespace? My blog is currently on Tumblr (don’t ask me why I chose that, it was a funny time) which seems pretty useless, I’d love it to be its own website and start doing more with analytics and stuff. I have a domain which I assume I can use with Squarespace, but it’s £10 a month and I don’t know if I’ll get that much out of it.

Yeah I’ve made a few on there. It’s a great system, the sites work really well and look nice. Piece of piss to use, too.

As a web designer it should be sacrilege for me to say so, but I’d definitely go with them. Only reason my current site isn’t on there is because I get a free one with Adobe Portfolio, so I save the tenner a month.

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I’ve used Squarespace and it’s super SUPER easy. The free templates are swish and good.

My missus uses Wix and says it’s bettere than squarespace

It’s perfect for your side hustle.

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Not for everyone but if you know what you’re doing with HTML/CSS you can host a Jekyll (or similar) site on github pages or netlify for free. Squarespace will probably do everything you need if that’s not for you though.

I do not

:slightly_smiling_face: fair enough

This thread was prompted by someone in my office mentioning Wix and someone else saying it was shit and that Squarespace was better. I’ve heard so many adverts for Squarespace I assumed it had become a kind of standard.

Squarespace is easy and looks good (I think)

My site is Squarespace - https://bodyinthethames.com/

thing is, if you don’t really use it (which I don’t really - social media/microblogging sites get much more of my time) then it can kind of be expensive

if you are motivated though then it’s a great tool and maybe the fact that it costs cash money is a good motivator so I guess it depends on what you’re willing to devote timewise to the actual content