Squash (the drink)

Brands? Flavours? How strong you doing it? Come at me, DiS.

Feel like @anon5266188 has big opinions on this


Hello new user, just so you know, we can see your name so there’s not much point in signing off.

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Robinsons Fruit and Barley. Best flavours are apple & pear, pink grapefruit and peach.

Not too strong, not too weak.

Never heard it called squash. Cordial, surely.

Tesco apple and blackcurrant for me.

Morrisons peach one’s a reliable backup.

Occasionally go for Ribena or Vimto. Obviously they taste exactly the same as eachother.

Ooh boy, you betcha I do! Buckle up, friends it’s time to take a trip on the Tone-Train and it might be a bumpy ride! :wink:

Squash is “quite nice sometimes”


Big fan of Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry. Also pink grapefruit squash is a solid choice for me.

this one (not the barley water one)

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An ex used to refer to squash as “juice”. Received so many unexpected drinks from her as a result.

Used to be very anti-squash.

Have an occasional glass these days.

Prefer the purity of an untainted glass of cold water.


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I call fizzy stuff pop, too.

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This has just reminded me how much I abhor the word “soda” for this.

In Glas they call fizzy drinks ‘juice’. Drives me nuts but i’m too scared to do anything about it.

So if you ask for gin and juice what do you get?

a hangover!!!



Find it weird how the British are the only people who drink squash. They don’t sell it in Europe, nor America, nor Australia, nor anywhere else I’ve been. You get those Kool-Aid type things, but not concentrated squash.


no need in Europe, since they can actually grow enough fruit there to make juice.

nothing grows on sludge island.