Squash (the sport)

Played this for the first time yesterday and I am BROKEN today. Think I did something to my back. Really expected the ball to be bouncier than it is. Quite fun though. Am I officially an old sad bastard now?

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Or as it’s known to some, sboncen.

Love a game of Wallbonk! :tennis:

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Two things:

a) you can play with a bouncier ball if you want, there’s different types
b) you’ll be fine after your first few games.


It did always seem superior to tennis to me. Played indoors, less faffing with collecting the balls.

There was A LOT of picking up the ball for me unfortunately.

More of a fives man tbh


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I reckon the sport could be improved with a proper toy bouncy ball, and an unlimited number of bounces.

It is quite Tory, isn’t it.

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Is that racketball? Genuine question - my knowledge of racketball is based entirely on popular hit movie (with troubling paedo undertones) Big…

I used to play fives* :raised_hand:


Never played, despite being very competent at racket sports in general.

I always associate squash with proper 80s yuppies and very short , tight white shorts

Got quite the mental image of HYG going - sweatbands are involved

I’ve played this about four or five times now. Was enjoying it until I fell over. Have since split with the person I played with but would definitely play again. Fun innit.

Stick some Roxy Music on before a game to really get in the mood.


highest % of utter cunts playing it of any sport - perhaps even higher than polo.

This game is getting sexier by the minute.

Keep typing…