The lovely drink, not the horrible vegetable.

What’s your favourite? What ratio of squash to water do you find most pleasing? Ever mixed?

My life changing tip: keep your squash in the fridge.

Hot blackcurrant/summer fruits is my cosy winter drink.

isn’t it ironiiiic



Ratio is a pain these days as I either get double or quadruple strength squash and often forget.

Normally have two on the go with the ideal split being orange & pineapple and cherries & berries. Used to live off vimto at work when we were in an office, got stocked just for me as everyone else had the perk of free hot drinks.

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Sainsbos own cherries and berries is best

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Everyone else is wrong, will die on this hill


prefer the game where you just whack it as hard as you can.

also the vegetable is great!

Oof, how hot?

Please don’t feel bad, squash is an all ages delight

More important than just a drink

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The Lidl orange one. Can’t remember what it’s called but it’s the best.

Robinson’s is bullshit for cunts. Does nothing to quench a thirst.

Scalding, and leave for a few minutes with a slice of lemon. perf.

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I’ve never even heard of quadruple strength, madness. I normally find my ratio game is at its strongest with a high juice product, can find my sweet spot without too much trouble

Robinson’s is 99% trash, but orange barley is magnificent

Think it’s Sainsbury’s & Tesco own brand that is quadruple.

It’s top five, without question, but only - and I can’t overemphasise this - the cordial is kept in the fridge

pointless, it’ll still end up at tap temperature

I’m an orange + mango/pineapple/etc kind of guy, or a summer fruits. And lemon actually

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I bet you do you dirty old bollocks

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Of the big hitters:

Blackcurrant > Lemon > Lime > Apple and Blackcurrant >>>> Orange

Don’t mind the supermarket own-brand high-juice blackcurrant. Will buy this on the rare occasions that Ribena isn’t on offer.

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just tried to make a cup of tea in a pint glass cause I’ve got squash on the brain so that’s good