In Sheffield we’re blessed with the world’s finest tap water, and it’s cold in seconds. Sounds like you may need to keep a water jug in the fridge, too

Robinsons creations blackcurrant and blueberry is the best. Ocean Spray cranberry and raspberry is good.

Normally just get a M&S orange hi-juice and a cheap blackcurrant and apple in for the kids.

@safebruv vimto was my drink of choice up to around 20, but I can’t drink it now :disappointed:



Runner up:


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apple berry squash, boots with the fur


Water in the fridge, squash in the cupboard

Just realised I should’ve started this thread with where you from what you on and what’s your story? Quality of tap water can make or break a squash

Frankly stupendous squashing

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Big lime squash fan, I’d have it above lemon squash, though I have no time for people who lime in a g+t. No idea where you’re coming from with the orange placement

Also this.

Vimto only.

The pink vimto is OK but its all about the OG.

Children’s drink for children

One of those things that, for me, is spoiled by association. It’s all we ever had in the house when growing up, so I just associate it with soft-boiled potatoes and overcooked pork chops. Also would probably pick an orange Fruit Pastille last of all the choices, so there’s a degree of consistency there

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I like being a child thanks. Much better than being an adult

Grow. Up.


too warm


Absolutely fuck knows what happened there

i’m quite late on the Vimto train but i have to say that it is fantastic

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