Squid Game

Read something about this being on a trajectory to becoming the most watched show on Netflix. Never heard of it before that. Found this comment in one of those rolling threads I never open:

Seen any of it?

  • Nope, no desire to
  • Nope, but might
  • Nope, but plan to
  • One or two episodes
  • Some of them
  • Most of them
  • All of them

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For those who have seen it, how much do you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • Not seen it

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@squidpan have you watched it?

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I liked it. Was told by The Internet™ to watch Alice in Borderlands instead, but SG was much much better




It’s good. Not absolutely amazing, but a very enjoyable watch


Try not to get it spoilered and just jump in and watch it


The marbles episode was absolutely heartwrenching. Haven’t felt this upset since Brendan Fraser died in Scrubs


Saw one episode and thought it was silly

Spoiler alert!

I sobbed my way through that one on SG.


Yeah, it’s fine. Visually stunning, quite intriguing, watched it all but

the police storyline adds very little imo, there’s not much super novel about it, loads of it doesn’t hold up to the tiniest amount of scrutiny/thinking about it.


Got a couple of episodes to go. It’s pretty good. I’m pre-emptively annoyed by the halloween costumes it will spark. Cheers.


It’s really good! I love Korean shows but don’t really like gory ones, so avoided this for a while but it was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a go. It was boring and I gave up after the first episode, but I kept seeing good reviews and was bored so carried on and I’m glad I did. The beginning is a bit shit but it really picks up after a while

It has some good, some obvious.

EP 2 is the standout as it breaks the typical format


I found it an enjoyable watch. Wasn’t sure at first but really got into it then binged the rest of it over the weekend. Would watch a second season.

didn’t think i had an interets in this but now i do

People who’ve seen both: is it as good or better than Battle Royale? (BR is one of my favourite films of all time)

get thee to the entertainment section

(would be interested but I can feel the hype turning me off, plus we have too many shows on the go at the moment already - not sure we can add another one in)

not as good as imo.

but its a longer format, so you get a bit more character exposition and background to the games but then it just disappoints you because it doesn’t quite land. the last episode or two kind of dragged.

BR is much tighter and shocking and better scripted.


I liked Squid Game, but it did drag too much in each episode. Some bits annoyed me, but would still watch a second season.
It’s strange seeing on BBC that the telephone number in it goes to a random uninvolved person - you’d think they’d have checked that or set up a voicemail or some such.
Not as good as Battle Royale. Maybe on a par with Battle Royale 2… Maybe that’s a bit harsh actually!

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