Squid suit fight

I have chosen one of these images, my wife has chosen one of these images. Now settle our fight

  • The suits are red
  • The suits are pink

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Both of those photos are of a pink/magenta suit imo

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The Netflix logo is red


Liked the first couple of EPs but never been able to get into anything they’ve done since etc


the dress was blue

Pinky red. Raspberry.


They’re both the definition of pink

not on squidbook

Pink but it could be red with a filter over it making it pink, but anyway I see it as hot pink




Remember Steve Penk?

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Me and my missus had exactly the same argument and she called me a colour blind idiot.

I too am team pink

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Actually thinking about the shows themes and the players wearing green, they’re obviously red aren’t they.

She was right :rofl:

Will still say they’re pink until my death bed

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Like raspberry innit, so both.

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hope twitter is awash with people pointing out the grid doesn’t even look anything like a Squid!!??

you pick red or blue

(i will admit they do look pretty pink though)

i had a CD of his best prank calls… the 90s, eh

Yeah, that’s exactly us. I argued pink and she found somewhere where they were listed as the Red Guard.