New album out today:

There’s been quite a few singles so far, “Paddling” and “Pamphlets” are both superb imo.




Fuck me this is a bit bloody good.

Aw yeah this is great! Somehow avoided hearing the singles beforehand… glad to get the full first time album experience

This hasnt showed up in le post today, regrettably

Friend of mine preordered the album based on the strength of Narrator alone.

Then received this email and got excited about what he was going to receive.


Entirely unique signatures? Something personalised for every order? Must have been a hell of a lot of effort, and fair play to them for finding a way to make the autograph process a little less boring I guess!

He was sending me regular updates excited about the delivery.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-07 at 11.02.49

Then the album finally arrived…

One signature with a generic message :smiley:


Going to have to give it a few listens. Seen people referencing Ought, which perked my interest, but not feeelig it.

Love this record. They’re a bit more fun and silly than their contemporaries (BC, NR and black midi etc) I think.


Yeah, this has always been why I’ve slightly leaned more their way. Less chin-strokey, more stupid.


Yep, absolutely love this. Slighhhttly annoyed that I overplayed the singles as I think they are the standouts (along with G.S.K.) but not a huge gripe.

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hadn’t heard any of the album tracks so enjoyed going in fresh a couple of times this morning

am a bit disappointed none of the earlier bangers were on there as they were so good and nothing else quite matches up yet, but I’m sure I’ll feel different in a few weeks and be very glad we got all new content

Hadn’t listened to Narrator for a while after sessioning it a while ago. That ending is just fucking brilliant innit


Would love to be a teenager getting into guitar music now. So many exciting bands about.


It’s a fantastic little album. Great fun.

It feels so weird to be a fan of so many of the British hype bands at the moment

I wasn’t sure if it was quality or if it was me turning into a 6music 30 year old

More column a than b, I suspect

Looking forward to the fieldworks gig in Norwich which is exactly a month away, it’s in a venue I’ve never seen a band in before. Very excited. I caught them at glasto in 2019 and they were fantastic live.

I think it’s that they’re actually good. They all seem influenced by Slint, Talking Heads, Sonic Youth etc, were a long way from the landfill indie days.


tbf the best early parts of that scene was riding the Gang of Four, Wire vibes and that was great

just went to shite soon after

Yep, I’m going to Cliftonville Community Hall to see them at a “socially distanced” show. Not seen them live before but did watch their stream from End of the Road last year. Really looking to it.

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Definitely! It just so happens to have crossed with my becoming a 30 year old who listens to Freak Zone every week :laughing:

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