#SSP Dissertation Worries


So basically, I haven’t got my mark back yet, but I’ve been re-reading my dissertation… and I’ve noticed that out of 12,000 words, there are 3-4 grammatical mistakes in there which I’ve overlooked. And there’s also an extra blank page in the references section which I forgot to get rid of. Oops.

Will markers judge this harshly? Other than that, the writing is generally pretty good and everything’s well referenced (which I usually suck at, but this time I actually paid close attention to the referencing guide), but I’m worried these few mistakes will cost me dear.

Am I over-worrying?





When I re-read my thesis just before my viva (after a 6 month break) - I noticed at least 2 mistakes on every page (and there was 500 pages!). The examiners obviously noticed, but it was fine. It’s not really what they’re marking you on.


Youre not going to get a fail for 3 mistakes out of 1200


My dissertation was fucking nonsense and i still somehow got a 2:1


read my dissertation again a few months ago, and the whole thing is absolute nonsense, right down to the argument at its core. multiple grammatical mistakes too.



in my experience, they’ll take a percentage or two off for clumsy formatting and typos but that’s it

my masters thesis was a complete mess - the tables I’d made for the info about the participants completely collapsed and all their names and details were all messed up. full of typos. still got a high distinction.

depends on the institution but basically you’re completely fine and it’s content that matters


btw I’m meant to submit 15,000 words tomorrow and I’ve done 4,000 so far :sunglasses:


My dissertations didn’t even have arguments in the end, they were just thousands of nice sounding words. And I did great You’ll be fine.


My dissertation was just pictures of fabrege eggs


Just get a Boss DS-1


My dissertation was just a printout of the good ship thread from old DiS and it ended up getting published in several academic journals


Guess it depends on how bad the mistakes are.

I accidentally put an indefinite article next to a plural :fearful:

And accidentally repeated a couple of phrases which appear next to each other in the same sentence (I guess a bit like Balonz’s penisdarkness thing or whatever that was).


Did any of you do English though? Cos command of English is one of the key parts of the marking criteria.

The more I read my dissertation, the more mistakes I’m noticing :fearful:


Nothing you can do now dont worry


So far I’ve noticed about… 6 mistakes?

I’m really fucking terrified. I need to get at least a fairly decent mark in this (nothing super amazing, not aiming for a 1st or anything).


Yes, well, English and philosophy, you’ll be fine. and if you won’t, reading it repeatedly looking for minor errors isn’t going to help anyway


yeah you might as well put it away and just wait for your mark to come back at this point


So basically (and again, I’m veering into borderline panic mode), are you all now saying there’s a chance I might have fucked this up a tiny bit? (because it’s English)


no i’m saying there is absolutely no point in thinking about it and reading it back now instead of just putting it aside until you find out what you’ve got