SSP everything you know about depression is wrong

this video is great and definitely worth showing to anyone saying “just do some exercise and eat more veg”

i really like the specific examples given such as the people on the side of the building that faced nature having 23% less mental health problems as those on the side who were not facing nature

tw: mentions of rape and assault

i’d be interested in a discussion around what we can do to improve the world, to try and make it a better place and to have less mental health problems across society

couple of the many things mentioned in the video

  • if you feel controlled at work, you’re much more likely to become depressed
  • if you don’t regularly get to see the natural world, you’re much more likely to become depressed

sure, i don’t doubt either of those - but how can we actually get everyone working in jobs that don’t fuck their health up? how can we ensure that everyone does actually get access to nature?

i’m putting this in a separate thread as i think the rolling mental health thread should be left for people to talk about their personal experiences and ask for help if appropriate, here we can talk at a wider level about how to change society overall?


love being around trees, they’re weirdly calming


I read something once (not scientific at all, but it resonated with me), that people in cities were less connected to the world because not seeing trees meant that they didn’t notice the seasons (not seeing leaves change colour as well as being in air conditioned offices), and also because they couldn’t see the horizon, so their eyes didn’t have to look st anything further than a few hundred yards away.

This is a strong part of my mental health maintenance routine. I agree with you about the general calmness angle. Ultimately we’re only chimps, and it’s not far-fetched to think that the sounds, sights and smells of nature hit us deeply on a subconscious level to calm and reassure us.

A thing I’ve noticed though since I’ve started being a bit more of an assiduous bird-watcher though is that practice makes you concentrate and focus more. Frequently on a walk out I find I am automatically picking out the calls of certain birds and mentally locating them, and I genuinely think that process of mental activity helps keep my brain on an even keel, a bit like the way stretching keeps muscles functioning properly without exerting them.

Also listening to bird song or seeing a bird is nice, and makes me happy.


nice video. i don’t think i’ve ever suffered with depression or anything but very recently i went from living in an amazing place surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens to a flat where this is the view out of my only window:

i immediately went out and bought plants, i’ve never bought a plant in my life before.

i also believe, or like to believe, there are natural cures for mental health issues - no matter how extreme they may seem at first. a cycle of lab made drugs cannot be the answer.

hope everyone’s ok x

I just have a park within like 15 minutes walk of my house so most days I walk around there, nothing too special but there’s some huge trees and a bunch of shade, just enjoy that smell and stillness in those kind of places. Amazing to think of all the changes that have happened in the world and some of those trees have probably been there for over 100 years, just quietly providing shade and oxygen for other lifeforms.

It’s interesting that for you it’s the history and permanence that connect, whereas for me it’s entirely about being in the moment.

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I’m a person who doesn’t handle change well so it would stand to reason that I’d look for that kind of angle :slight_smile:

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fucking hate clickbait titles

Having lived with someone who has depression, I can say that as much as you’d like that to be the answer, it’s never quite that simple. The reasons for the symptoms are chemical, and sometimes that chemical imbalance can be fixed with “natural” methods, but sometimes the body can just have natural chemical imbalances. As a comparison, I have high blood pressure - I can eat better, I can exercise, but my blood pressure is only at a normal level thanks to the drugs I take. I can see parallels with mental illness where people can improve their situation (either through more exercise, or therapists, or more nature), but they might not be able to “fix” the chemical imbalance wholly.


Hari?? Hmm…