SSP going to court

Hey mates
Sorry to be such a bother, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of going to court and testifying against someone?
Long story short, I live directly opposite a hotel, a man staying at said hotel was masturbating at me for five nights in a row through his window, I took photos for evidence, gave statements, rang the hotel, rang the police, etc etc etc
The police assured me he would plead guilty for the five counts of indecent exposure because he’d be an idiot not to, lo and behold said idiot is pleading not guilty on the grounds that I was enjoying it. Lol.

Technically I don’t have to go to court, I can just give a victim impact statement or whatever, but fuck that guy yknow??
Bit sad, much advice appreciated, thank you in advance x

I have no advice, but I hope this guy gets absolutely railed by the courts regardless of whatever you decide to do.
Sorry you had to go through such a shitty thing


Hey, yes sadly, I had to go to court to testify against a man who assaulted me. I worried about it a lot but it was fine (he was found guilty obvs.)
This was before we had VISs so I have no experience of that- I should imagine it’ll just involve you answering some Qs about how the whole thing made you feel. As always in these kind of things, you just need to be entirely honest and say what you feel.

Is he pleading guilty then? That’s fantastic if so. xx


I have never been to court but had statements taken and told I’d end up going to court. I am so glad the all three times they plead guilty as I’m certain I’d a have fucking crumbled.

Power to you.

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He’s not, hence the court appearance, I guess.

Ow UP I am so, so sorry that happened to you, that’s awful
And I didn’t explain myself very well there- he had his hearing today for the five counts, the police assumed he would plead guilty but he didn’t. So instead of local magistrates it’ll be going to crown. He’s saying he isn’t guilty and that I was enjoying it. Prick.
In regards to the VIS, I’m beyond happy to do that. Not happy as in jumping for joy, but happy as in “fuck you, get on that register, don’t you dare do that again”
Thank you for your reply xxxx


Shit sorry I missed that part on the blurring and had gone on the bit where KW said she doesn’t have to give evidence. I’d have thought that would be essential if he’s entered a plea of NG, but maybe the police statements will be enough?l

I’m no legal expert but those sound like the most ridiculous grounds for pleading not guilty so hopefully will just be an open/shut thing. I nearly went to court when I was beaten up but they changed their plea before hand so didn’t have to, so maybe they will change their mind when they realise they don’t have a leg to stand on and will only get a worse sentence


What a proper prick. It’ll come back to bite him though as 1, crown will have wider sentencing powers than mags and 2. the courts hate it when pricks plead NG and waste their tine when they are subsequent;y found guilty, and this is taken into account, to their detriment, in sentencing.

My prick pleaded NG even though it was witnessed by a police officer. Durrrrrr.


Aw kermit, that sucks. Sorry that you have to keep dealing with this :frowning: :hugs:


yeah there’s not a chance they look at it and go ‘oh, she was enjoying it, right off you pop then’. Zero chance he’s getting off with this, and I hope they throw the book at the cunt for wasting everyone’s time and dragging kermit through this.


Kind of related but I live in a fairly confusing set of 4 houses and a pizza delivery guy knocked on the window Saturday night about 1am ( the blinds were open). I did have a thought that if I was, yer know, in the nip could I get done or would he get done?

Weird situation.

Anyway, pointed him to the right house and He didn’t see my penis

This sounds irreverent but I just meant it would be horrific if someone saw what they didn’t want to just going about their business

Can’t see how he could try and wriggle out of what’s happened.

take a friend or relative with you, make sure you have a nice drink afterwards. sadly i have had to accompany 2 people to court so they could testify against sexual predators, both horrific experiences. good luck and try to stay strong.

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You’re allowed to be naked in your own house/ hotel room, even if there’s a chance of being seen. However it’s all about context and intention.
Where it becomes an offence is if you knowingly put somebody into a state of alarm or fear or make them feel harassed. So if pizza lad caught a glimpse of the SADlad and you immediately grabbed some clothes/ shut the blinds then that’s not an offence. However if you started rubbing yourself while winking at him- clearly onto dodgy ground there.

the grey area is where you might be naked/ doing stuff in your front room with the curtains open knowing that people passing by might see you, but might not/ might care, might not. That kind of recklessness could still be an offence.


You have a real way with words, UP :upside_down_face:


oh and it goes without saying but i hope this freak gets what’s coming to him

EDITED :joy::grimacing:

Haven’t had to testify, but have been on a few juries. Easier said than done I know, but try not to build it up too much in your head before you go, and don’t be upset with yourself if afterwards you think you should have said something different.

You’re doing a good thing by going and telling the truth about what this guy is like, and it’s the job of other people to take it from there.



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