SSP going to court

That’s exactly it- the first night he was doing it I found it a bit funny. I’m not trying to speak for everyone but that’s how I felt. Took a photo cause I was thinking “no, I’m imagining this” and this isn’t my first rodeo. I talked to my friends about it and they found it equally as funny.
However, when I realised it was only my window he could see in to, and it was the fifth night on the trot, when I was too scared to even shower, when I was calling the police and sobbing because he’d looked directly at me and waved… different kettle of fish


No experience or advice, but just wanted to pile on with expressing disgust at this piece of shit, sending huge support to you and hoping for an outcome that’s as easy and painless for you as possible.

I can’t imagine how else this can play out?

Lawyer: The piece of shit says you were enjoying it, were you?
Kerms: Nope
Lawyer: Can you prove that?
Kerms: I’m me. I know how I felt. Also, I called the police. We’re in court about it right now.
Lawyer: Oh yeah
Judge: Get fucked you piece of shit, you’re going to prison. Kerms, here’s a voucher for endless spritzers.


That’s pretty much the only way this can play out. They had no interaction or relationship which he could possibly have misconstrued! It’s just rape culture, isn’t it. Women are challenged and disbelieved. It’s disgusting.


No advice to add but sorry you have to go through this and I hope he gets sent down sobbing! Good luck! :+1:


Don’t want to get your hopes up in case this doesn’t happen but his lawyer will probably be advising him to plead guilty right up until the moment the court is in session. If he’s found guilty and has wasted a court’s time then the sentence will be much heavier so surely he’ll be talked into the option with a less severe punishment. This happened to me when I was due in court after someone assaulted me. I was bricking it and then at the 11th hour they plead guilty.

If not then power to you and I would imagine it plays out like Sadpunk described.

Sorry you’ve had to deal with this shit, what a fucking cretin!


Might be worth having a look at the website beforehand for some of the procedural stuff (where everyone sits, what to call the judge, etc). Be prepared to wait around a bit. You’ll also have to go through an airport style security scanner on the way in, so make sure you don’t have anything on you which could cause a problem with that.

And, like everyone else on here, I hope it all goes well- good luck!

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This right here is when I start making blanket statements about men before descending into incoherent rage.


Hey! Not all… ah, whom I kidding. Give us hell xcheopis.

And make sure he gets what he deserves kerms. You know where we are if you ever need help or support. x


Sorry to hear this.
It’s really not that bad. Once you’re there and answering the questions it goes really quickly.
The judge will not stand for any shit in the courtroom whatsoever, so they’ll have your back.
It’s not like films/TV obviously - most people there are bored shitless and barely paying attention.
You should have some kind of police liaison officer too who will be there with you outside the courtroom and tell you what to expect. You might also be able to request a privacy screen if you want.
It’ll be fine and with a bit of luck he’ll plead before you need to give evidence anyway. Sounds like he could be pulling a shabby tactic here as UP says. They won’t look kindly upon that.

Think of the cool story you’ll have afterwards if you do get on though.

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Had to give evidence as a witness when I lived in Brisbane. A fundamentalist Christian type was refusing to let us do blood tests on his baby (risk of brain damage for low blood sugar). When informed that we would consider getting a temporary care order he grabbed the child and tried to leave the hospital - punched a security guard and fractured his eye socket before being stopped.

He represented himself and tried to build his case on critiquing my medical knowledge. I answered his poorly informed questions patiently until the judge intervened and pointed out that he was on trial for assault and that none of his questions were relevant. Horrible experience all round.

The baby was fine - once we treated the low blood sugar. He got a suspended sentence.


Pretty crappy outcome.

I lived with a defense lawyer for a bit. He seemed to spend most of his time convincing clearly guilty people to plead guilty, only for them to change their mind on the morning of the trial, generally with the encouragement of their family, and decide they wanted to fight it, so he then had @ 30 minutes to go through the whole process of convincing them again.

The money was clearly good, but sod that for a game of soldiers.

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Good luck. This all sounds horrible.

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