SSP Things you dislike about yourself

Can’t relate to how positive and fantastic everyone on here is these days.

Here’s some things I dislike about myself:

. Shit skin, always gets spotty and blotchy
. My nose is too big and goes all rudolph when I’ve been in the sun
. I’m quite intolerant and it annoys me because I can’t work out if I’ve always been this way or if something changed
. Out of shape and tired all the time
. Can’t handle conflict and am a coward
. Very lazy
. Prone to jealousy
. Not young anymore
. Fail to live up to the standards I set for myself

That’s better.

don’t really know you but you are NOT lazy… quite obviously, you are crazy prolific with your music!

And re the physical stuff, you are obvs a honey from your photos


Fair enough with the other stuff!

thanks that’s very kind, I wasn’t looking for compliments just wanted to vent and acknowledge there’s things I dislike about myself.

Thanks all the same though!

I’m a massive underachiever as when something gets a little bit difficult / frustrating / I get despondent, I move onto something else, so I’m slightly good at loads of things, but not actually very good at anything at all, which is annoying as I seem to put quite a lot of personal value in being good at stuff



I feel the same so can definitely relate

Well you can have the other stuff, you old cowardly failure

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all the same as yours!

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Also, not very good at just giving up on stuff, which loops into that above as the stuff which I’ve semi abandoned just kind of hangs around haunting me

The only one of these I don’t relate to is “neat freak” it’s just too much effort to keep everywhere clean and tidy

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Get very envious of people as well, which isn’t very nice really, and is quite emotionally tiring

Socially, I’m pretty useless in the points where it counts (meeting new people) and then annoyingly quite good once it’s past that point, which makes it worse that I’m so rubbish at the first bit.

Awkward teef as well and probably other stuff

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think it might be a form of narcissism but I get annoyed at not being perfect, like I’m smart enough and self-aware enough not to have flaws or something. As I reckon I only get to live once it’s outrageous that I can’t be perfect in every way

Oh god

cracks knuckles

*The way my knuckles crack
*Shit skin (psoriasis)
*Lack of direction/motivation to do anything remotely worthwhile with my life
*Proportions of my body (either the torso is weirdly long or the legs are short, short span too)
*Being a moody prick
*Inability to pay attention to anything
*Crooked teeth
*Increasing social anxiety / dislike of crowds and social stuff
*I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people and I miss them
*Huge bags under my eyes
*Imposter syndrome

  • face
  • body
  • mind

oh yeah I have a weird anxiety about contacting people if I haven’t seen them in about a week or more so will just wait until they contact me or basically never hear from them again


Honestly: almost everything.

But the difference between my 20s and 30s is that instead of hating myself for everything that I’m not, I try to accept myself for being what I am. Doesn’t mean I like it any better but it’s a lot easier on the ol’ brain.


My teeth
How sensitive I am
Not being particularly good at anything
Low willpower
Not very good at arguing about things I care about that matter (I can argue effectively about fictional characters motivations etc but find it difficult to not get upset and fudge my words when talking to a racist/sexist/Tory etc)
Not having a career /any idea what I could do to enjoy myself /feel challenged and have purpose and earn money for it.

Someone should really make a positive :slight_smile: things I like about myself’ thread to balance this tbh.

  • Wish my stomach was properly flat like
  • When anyone messages me I feel like I need to message back straight away
  • I struggle to be vulnerable with people who aren’t close friends
  • I have massive social anxiety around strangers
  • I have no idea how to flirt
  • I don’t believe anyone would ever be attracted to me
  • I’ll probably be alone forever cause trying to date fucks me up
  • I believe I’m fundamentally unloveable

Damn, this thread really took me places :sob:

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Teeth, weight, face. Pretty much it.

not liking people’s posts because I agree with their assessments of themselves btw just want to acknowledge and sympathise with their struggles in a non-judgemental way.

Of course happy to encourage anyone or give an alternative perspective on how they seem but this thread was more about just being honest about self criticism.

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