Ssssssssssssunday official thread 2017

Happy Sunday morning. Let’s be hearing about your days aspirations and challenges!

Myself? I’m glad you asked. I’m ironing lots this morning before heading to mothercare to buy baby items including a baby video monitor . Life hurh ?! Beautiful and mundane :thinking::kissing_heart:

Dungeness? How wonderful! I used to live in Kent and would cycle there. Such a strange and interesting place. Where you cycling from ?

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I am also riding my bike. Leading a ride over to Shoreham and then ending at Herne Hill Velodrome which would be nice.



Today it had mostly rained like that time in the Bible. I have consumed a lot of tea and listened to a lot of Leonard Cohen. Productive. Dunno how Noah found the time to build that boat.


Two frustrating days followed by lovely evenings so hope that roll continues with my post-CIMA course cocktail date

Having breakfast with my parents and then going over to see a good mate I haven’t seen for ages. Family dinner later. Nice relaxed Sunday.


Really nice sunny autumn day today

I’m trying to sell one of my bikes & I have some annoying joker trying to barter with me via email instead of coming round to make me an offer

Feel like going for a long walk on Djurgården IMG_7813


Salmon, scrambled eggs and bagels for breakfast. Disappointing coffee, but I’ll live.

Cold is starting to subside - I don’t feel like my head is full of loft insulation now.

Roasting a chicken for lunch. Might crack open some drinks later because I’m not at work this week.

Had breakfast with the bf before he went to golf. Now I’m going spinning and then I need to get my eyebrows and lashes done in dalston which is a pain to get to but I won’t trust any other place.

Going to see Three Billboards later.

About to make pancakes. Seeing NetBlade Runner later. Packing for a shitheap work trip to the arse end of nowhere in Germany. That’s it.

Morning all. Was woken by the eldest at about 4.45am as she’d had a nightmare, and then struggled to get back to sleep. :sleeping:

Not that much planned for the day. More decorating is booked in for next week so I’m going to be plastering cracks.

Morning team

Watched RoboCop with the boy last night. What a movie. Also ate a dirty macaroni cheese pizza and Ben and Jerry’s

Listening to records this morning, eating Rachel’s raspberry yogurt with fruit and having coffee. Not sure what we’ll do today, maybe a bike ride and a roast in the pub …

Rachel’s going to be pissed off when she wakes up!!!


anglos a sunday dis

on a train between bergen and oslo going through some lovely fjords. it’s pretty nice.

will take about 6 hrs though :sleeping:


I lived in hythe ! So we were neighbours :blush: loved cycling in Kent. Have you tried the walk from Folkestone towards Dover? I read in the paper they’ve introduced a lovely new path.

yes it was!

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Mornin. Same ol, coffee, second breakfast and then out recording all day. Might have a bit of a walk through the park.

Hey hey. Black coffee and marmite crumpets on the way. Gonna go out for lunch in Wimbledon Village with bro-in-law and his missus.

Need to wash both pairs of my swimming shorts today cos I’m going on holiday next weekend ooooooooooft :heart_eyes:

Had coffee and toast. Gonna go for a nice big walk now.

Normal Sunday, where I wake up feeling ok but know that some terrible dread is on the way.

Probably shouldn’t coffee.

Gonna catch up on The Apprentice.