St David’s Day (Monday) evening thread.

Shall we have an evening thread, then? Why not.

I’m currently resisting the urge to tell my housemate to blow his nose, as he keeps snuffling in a mildly irritating fashion

Iechyd da!


Anyway, rather more pleasantly I’m off work this week, so I’ve had a nice walk, followed by a relaxing afternoon not doing very much.

Got some dafs for the front room and kitchen, too, but they won’t flower until at least tomorrow I think.

Bless you

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Bless you too, friend xoxox

Still working :-1: but did get out for a walk through the park at sunset which was very nice. Park was full of groups of people sitting on the hill pretending it’s summer and we didn’t just have two feet of snow a fortnight ago.

At work. Bored. Saw a golden eagle when I was outside milling some grain earlier, so that was cool


Got a new found respect for drummers that are right handed but left footed

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Already had my meat of the month with a deliveroo’d Five Guys

Good evening


Tripped over my tripod and as I was carrying a bowl I tried to protect it but ended up smashing my knee into the ground and smashing the bowl too, my knee is now big red and sore :sob:

Evening all!

I had a Thai-style butternut squash curry that I made Welsh through the addition of half a leek.

Ongoing work beeves through the day are still not sorted. I’m due a sick day soon I think.

Well played, son.

I was doing performance reviews for my team today. Felt a bit harsh judging and rating everyone on the year we’ve just had, so I kinda bottled it a bit. No regrets.

sunset porn


Made this. Top bracket.

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Lol bye, wanker


I’m having one of those annoying evenings where I can’t sustain my interest in anything for more than 5 minutes and It’s actually quite annoying. Might buy something on Etsy just to feel something/

Evening thread is AWOL. Or am I just not seeing it?

What’s going on? Are you all at a party without me?

Got a headache, got too much work to do to sleep it away, made a playlist