St David’s Day (Monday) evening thread.

sorry was just doing my starjumps

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I’m having one of those annoying evenings where I can’t sustain my interest in anything for more than 5 minutes and It’s actually quite annoying/

Oh ffs. @moderators can you delete this one or merge or whatever the protocol is



How many did you do?

only 100. I’m not very in shape sadly :frowning:

if it’s any constellation that seems like quite a lot


If you’d said 10 I’d be impressed

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maybe I’m doing them wrong, it’s just jumping up and down for a couple of minutes. Much easier than sit ups and shite that I hate doing



I think you have the advantage of not having a wazzo pair of jugs


I’m getting there tbf

Oh, going to add this to my playlist

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Good evening

My new meds are making me incredibly dizzy and floaty feeling. Don’t like it.

Should probably go to bed.

Need to shower but



Oh nooo is that what’s done it? Do you have an idea of when side effects might last?

making my nan a chicken pie dinner for her birthday on wednesday - miraculously have all the ingredients here.

  • enclose the baking tray in the shop bought puff pastry you’ve got
  • don’t do this, just a topper

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things my grandparents miss about england:

‘Mister O’Connor’ (Des O’Connor)
chinese takeaway curry

they also drink fucking shitloads of tea as a result of their stay there, referred to as a ‘cupehtee’, that’s also caught on with my fam here who never left who now refer to it as that. well funny.