St George's Day

bit boring now, associating everything with gamon, brexit, tommy robinson.

just fucking celebrate the dragon killing cunt or don’t and let people live. it’s what he would’ve wanted.

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They could rename the other George to something else, Terry or something, by deed pole couldnt they? Only £40 I’ll even chip in.


A skeleton bob would be more patriotic

Best George?

  • Best
  • Alagiah
  • Of the jungle
  • Formby
  • Little prince
  • Bush
  • Michael
  • Clooney
  • Orwell
  • Lucas
  • Other

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They don’t even need to do that, being all royal. They can just change their name to whatever they like. Charles doesn’t want to be King Charles III because the other two were shit (and he doesn’t want to sound like a spaniel probably) so he’s going to be King Walter or something when he finally gets the nod.

… out of Rainbow.

Knew I’d forget a good one!


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A solid 9/20 here.

Curious George !

@Aggpass beat you to it.

Also forgot our previous kings :woman_shrugging:

For ffs sake

Click for the pic

For Britain’s workers? Aye the Scots and Welsh can’t wait to celebrate St George.


That’s one of the fails yeah

But just…sheesh

We’ll be getting St David’s and St whatever the Scottish lad is called off too though.

Still irked we’re not getting one for the wedding tbh. Bet Harry REALLY feels second favourite and all

Yeah that picture really screams inclusivity doesn’t it.

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Doesn’t it

Though on second thought… the pic is embedded in the Guardian article

Are the Guardian trolling Corbyn here? Or is he just being a comms clown …or both?

Yeah but his tweet says: The next Labour government will make St. George’s day a bank holiday for Britain’s workers.

The fact that he doesn’t understand just how much that will irk a lot of people would make me seriously worried about his capacity as a PM.