St Patrick's Day Daily Thread 2022

How much Guinness you gonna drink?

Was gonna make chai but used the last of my milk on cereal.

Work, might buy that Big Thief stream later. Thats it

Morning :blush:
Zero guiness for me, it’s fine but tastes like thick burnt toast soup and I don’t fancy burnt toast soup today.
Gonna hide away from the horse people and do life admin and watch silly telly and be nice to myself cause I am Very Miserable™.
On the plus side both of my Prinny Di commemorative plates have arrived and the instructions say not too eat food off them but I will be later so that’ll be fun.

been up all night with vomming bug, and I’ve thrown up three times

it is also my birthday

hungry, dehydrated, exhausted, still feel sick


“Guinness?! It’s like a meal in a glass”

Might have one later, but am going to watch the London Hammers later and there are a lot of beer options round there that I prefer.


Probably no Guinness today.

Forgot I’d put my porridge on and it ended up burnt to the bottom of the pan, which is an excellent start to the day.

Think I’m going to get the train out somewhere to go for a walk for a couple of hours.

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Do you think a birthday Guinness might help?

Happy Birthday and Get well soon. You can have another birthday when you’re better if you want (but you don’t have to add another year on)

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:frowning_face: oh mate, that’s rubbish.
Happy birthday and get well soon! Hope you can postpone the day and do something nice when you feel better x

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Hope you get some rest this morning and can enjoy the day a bit later on x

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oh no anything but alcohol

really want to drink some banana milkshake, but stomach still hurts. idk when I’ll be able to eat or drink.

(thank you, thanks @kermitwormit and @AutumnBeech too x)


Morning all!

I’m putting some ingredients into the slow cooker for a NA Irish stew this morning. I’m going to make colcannon as well. I’m fully aware this might be an At It version of Irish food.

I really like Guinness but haven’t had one for a long time. I might pick up some NA on the way home but I find NA stout a bit sweet so probably won’t.

I’m teaching live this afternoon and then online night class tonight. I’ll have done eight classes by 7.30 so I am ready for a quiet Friday.

Quite like the image of @kermitwormit hiding from a load of centaur horse people.


Cant decide whether to go into the office. As expecting a delivery (new office chair) but it might not come and will probably be redelivered tomorrow anyway. Its the last couple of weeks before everyone comes back, so trying to enjoy the office before it gets noisey

  • Go in
  • Stay home

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Feeling quite down today. Also feels too hot so will probably give myself a haircut later, if I can find the energy to do it.

No idea how I’m going to get myself into a mindset that allows for at least some level of work :pensive:

Windows looking good after yesterdays saharan sand/rainstorm


In Melbourne, drinking tiny beers for some reason.

Happy Paddy’s Day!


It’s Annual Thank Fuck I Don’t Run An Irish Pub Anymore Day!


HP BD GA! :cake:

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Might start an ‘Irish Pubs that are actually good thread’

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Or ‘Worst Irish Pubs’

Irish-themed i guess

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