St Patrick's Evening 2021

Evening all!

I did very little work but had a football shirt that I ordered delivered. It looked red in the photos but appears to be a neon pink.

I’m keeping it, obviously

How many pints of the black stuff have you and the rugger lads necked so far?


Good evening, have just had a domino’s and need a lie down, ate so much pizza i didn’t even care that the domino’s cookies got eaten, and that’s very unlike me


Typical rugger team night out!

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what pizza did you have?

with regret, i believe i am going to Hit the Hut tonight

oh no. oh god.


NBA 2020 on the PS4 as well

absolute filth, sounds amazing :laughing:

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went through kelvingrove park earlier and there were quite a few #LADS out celebrating, lockdown be damned

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Just had the last of some beetroot stew, good riddance.

Gonna stick the footy on.

Was expecting a big piece of work to come in today that didnt come in, so got a fair bit of work I should have done previously done. Very much got impostor syndrome at the moment.

Also had a football shirt delivered. It was advertised as black. It is black.


Did have 100% green food tonight in honour of St Patrick though broccoli stir fry with green tea noodles

Will have some Irish whiskey later tonight.

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Might have a Baileys Irish Cream (Almond)

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listening to Limbo, Panto :100:

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Got a bit of a headache. Supposed to be having a call with my ATD in a bit.

Evening. Home from work, revisiting Death in Vegas’s discography (thanks @Scout).

Going to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with some Coors Lights. Every day is pretty much St. Patrick’s day around these parts.


:smiley: that’s the spirit


Now this is great advertising, the fact they have the audacity to say its a “filthy” steak pizza, would get me ordering one.



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Yeah haven’t heard them in a bit. Used to play Scorpio Rising a bunch in college, but kind of forgot about them. Scout had them on a playlist she shared and I’m diving back in. Contino Sessions rocking now.



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