St Patrick's Evening

Evening all!

Please use this thread to tell all about the pints of black stuff you’ve drunk, stupid hats you’ve won and other antics.

I ate this for tea:

I’m teaching a night class in half an hour and then putting The Child to bed.



DiS has spoken.


Still thin lining my lft’s so sitting inside drinking cans of Guinness

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That poll was what inspired me to start the thread.

Godspeed and good luck!

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No guinness for me, but there is other tasty beer in the fridge which I will be partaking in


Evening all.

Making that weird macaroni thing for dinner that we have sometimes.

Went and got some cans of Guinness earlier though, so @Funkhouser has influenced half of my evening plans at least…

Once dinners done, I’m going to rest my little legs after all their walking and cycling today. Will have a glass or two (or three or four) of Guinness and find some telly to watch.

Just had twelve dishmatic sponges delivered, jackanackanory

Need to clean coz I have a mate staying this weekend and have obviously left it til the last possible minute. Thinking i’ll have scampi for tea. Last night I burned a pan beyond saving so gonna limit myself to oven food tonight. Watch some telly, have a bath. Same ol’.

2 free pints of Guinness in tribute to Ireland and my father in law. Then got a reduced Charlie Bigman’s fish pie for £2 which I’m waiting on. It’s all coming up safari!

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Pork belly tacos for tea and some more OC until Apprentice time. Oh and some Guinness, obviously.

On my way home. Might go gym. Definitely won’t. I bought some cremant from M&S @badcustard



Got 4 cans of Guinness for after in finish in an hour. Relatively ok day in the scheme of things. A massive reason why my job has been terrible recently is going. Makes me feel a bit better tbh.

Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta for tea. Looking forward to that


Who wants to guess which band Summer described as ‘just one guitar and a whole lot of complaining!’

Just had some leftover misery fajitas (with very sad veg that was already on death’s door when I made it yesterday). Let me tell you that the ready marinated tofu does not go well with fajitas.

Done a workout :muscle: going to get in the bath and catch up with some reading then its clean sheets night. I can’t wait to spoon with my freshly plumped up pillow :smirk:

I like how well lit CH4 News has their reporter in Kyiv

Look at the colours on that

Think I’ll eat maybe a whole packet of dark choc digestives now.

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Jollof rice, haloumi and pitta with tahini for dinner

Was fine.

Having a sit down and paying R to input my data. :star_struck:

No Guinness here but will have a peanyb Reece’s egg thing in a bit.


So yknow statistics? Does anyone record the interesting ones?

I’ve been pondering this since this afternoon since I saw my friend and we were chatting about it. So when the racing was last on here and open door or whatever it’s called where you can have spectators, it was a massive super spreader and there were statistics on it. But why aren’t there any statistics on like… how many sausages were eaten, or how many heels broke, or hats flew away, or people who risked guiness blow offs and it backfired or people caught something from being naughty? That’s what I really wanna know.

They know that 265,000 pints of guinness are sold over 4 days, as well as 120,000 bottles of wine.